Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Spring Jewelry Accessory: The Ethnic Bangle

Above Left to Right: Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui

Above Left to Right: 3.1 Philip Lim, Aquilano.Rimondi
Each season, a particular jewelry item takes center stage. Last season, it was the statement necklace; this upcoming spring season it's the ethnic bangle, piled up on one arm as another kind of statement jewelry. In all of my life, I must admit the closest I ever came to enjoying bangles were twofold: a) jelly bracelets, a byproduct of the tacky '80s; and b) the musical band Bangles, whose hit "Manic Monday" still resonates with me. Personally, I prefer cuffs any day to bangles, which I find to be clunky and uncomfortable (due to my extra-small wrists). However, paired with the right outfit, ethnic bangles can add a flash of color to an otherwise dull outfit.

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Amol said...

I always loved ethnic bangles and wished they made them for guys as well. What, a guy can hope can't he? I think they're cute and agree, they're mainly good to put a pop of color to an outfit that's either dull or monochromatic like a LBD. That and I love The Bangles and some of their songs, because I play it on "Sunday, that's my fun day." Sorry, I'm a little tired but agree with your points. I saw this beautiful gold resin bangle with quite a cute deign and wish I could have gotten it to give as a gift, but as usual, I don't have the means to pay for such things.