Monday, December 15, 2008

JUMPstarting One's Wardrobe?

McQ Wool Tuxedo Jumpsuit, $670 at Net-a-porter

Two jumpsuits from Proenza Schouler's Spring 2009 line
A friend of mine once declared her undying love for jumpsuits. She likened them to the adult onesies worn by Captain James T. Kirk's crew on the Starship Enterprise--a form-fitting, no-brainer uniform to be worn on every and any occasion.
For years, I shunned jumpsuits like they were the Bubonic Plague. Truthfully, I think they remind me of tacky denim overalls and one-piece swimming suits (impossible and inconvenient to take off when wet). I mean, what does one do every time one goes to the bathroom? Disrobe completely? (Another friend at a dinner party complained about the gigantic gaps on the edges of bathroom doors. Imagine a co-worker peering in on you naked as you take off your jumpsuit. The horror!) And while I certainly love Star Trek (a byproduct of growing up with geeky brothers), I don't want to look like Uhura or Spock.
After years of such icy thoughts about jumpsuits, I'm starting to finally defrost. Proenza Schouler's two rocking jumpsuits--one in crisp, clean white and the other in bold leather--have me rethinking my age-old aversion. Jumpsuits are dresses with legs--and I love dresses for their ease and freedom. Now if only those pesky gaps didn't exist in my school bathroom...

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