Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why September Is A Truly Fashionable Month

Even though I dread the end of my precious summer (I adore sandals and frothy summer dresses!), I am looking forward to September for these reasons:

1. COSTUME JEWELRY REIGNS at Bergdorf Goodman: They're opening an entire section of their accessories wing to costume jewelry featured on the runways (hello, Lanvin, Nina Ricci, Vera Wang!!). I can hardly wait to festoon myself with jewels!

2. FASHION MONTH: Yes, it's only a week here in the Big Apple, but don't forget we have London, Milan, and Paris too. So it's technically a month-long event. Plus, I ADORE spring clothes.

3. BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING: Here's one reason to feel less guilty about your spending this month. We all need new fall/winter stuff!

4. THE ARRIVAL OF FALL GOODIES: We've been eyeing these items all spring and summer, but now we can actually wear them when the weather cools. Most stores will have their complete fall collection in by the end of September.

And...of course, for me, the arrival of another batch of doe-eyed students!


sguyot said...

The upcoming spring costume jewelry lines are going to be a real treat. Big,bold and stylish to he core !

melissa said...

Yeah September really a fashion month for students..They will going to wear there best on the first day to look good and attractive well everyone does want do that..So fashion really plays on for students this coming school days..I wonder what to wear..I'm pretty excited..:)