Monday, August 18, 2008

Verdura Maltese Cuff

I know this sounds odd, but I dreamt about this cuff by Verdura last night. While this brand has been around for quite some time (Verdura's maltese cuffs are associated with Coco Chanel), it hasn't been on my radar until now.

With the proliferation of cuffs these days, you'd think I would have found one by now. The problem is my small wrist, which makes the cuff look ridiculous on it by comparison. Other than vintage cuffs, which are significantly narrower than modern-day ones, the only possibility is this stunning Verdura cuff--mainly because for 12k+, you can have one custom-made to your own wrist's specifications. *Sigh*

1 comment:

fran martini said...

Oh, that Maltese cuff takes my breath away!