Wednesday, August 6, 2008

McQueen's Fugly Joke

Alexander McQueen "God Save McQueen" Sweater, $890 at

Love him or hate him, one at least has to recognize Alexander McQueen for what he is: an iconoclast. This perversion of the commonly-heard chant of "God save the Queen" would be amusing if the sweater itself wasn't so hideous. I've never cared for sporty, horizontal stripes, and these particular colors conjure up images of flags--and there is nothing worse than a flag on a tee-shirt. (Okay. I exaggerate. World hunger and genocide are worse.) The looseness of the fit also makes me think of rugby sweats, but not the sexy, "I've-just-borrowed-this-from-my-hunky-boyfriend" kind of sweatshirt, but the dingy, "I've-just-found-this-in-the-recycling-bin-at-Paragon Sports" kind. I appreciated McQueen's tribute to royalty in his Fall 2008 line, but this quirky, tongue-in-cheek statement only reinforces its ironic message: God save him from making any more terribly ugly fashion jokes.

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