Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fendi: Cropped Trench Jacket

Fendi Jacquard Trench Jacket, pre-order for $1,600 at Saks

Even though it's only August, you can pre-order Fendi's Resort 2009 line, which usually surfaces early next year, now. While ordering something this early without the promise of speedy satisfaction may appeal to some, it is akin to torture for me. Look how perfect this jacket is--navy, cropped trench, belted, 3/4 sleeves, Fendi...Fendi is one designer that continues to churn out respectable, intriguing, and impeccably-cut designs for the unfussy but chic woman. I also love the versatility of this item--wear it as a jacket (on its own when it cools), or wear it as a blazer (under a heavy winter coat when it's frigid outside). I'd pair this chic jacket with a statement necklace (say, the lollipop-hued Burberry glass necklace) for some personality. But alas, I'll have to wait at least four months for this particular beauty.

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