Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Andrew Gn: Master of the Romantic Victorian Blouse

Despite the proliferation of romantic blouses (just check out Saks' website for some mediocre examples), the only ones that have really impressed me are Andrew Gn's. This fall, I plan on wearing plenty of romantic blouses and pencil skirts--and I need some that are appropriate (no backless ones, thank you), feminine but not too frilly (too many ruffles annoy me), and detailed without being tacky (only solid colors for me). I want all of Andrew Gn's perfectly chic, perfectly fabulous creations:

Example #1: The ruching on the sleeves is ingenious and adds texture to an otherwise simple shape:

Example #2: I love black blouses--they're so moody and unpredictable (not like white ones). The lantern sleeves on these are cuffed by slightly darker black bands.

Example #3: The perfect black blouse--conservative yet stylish, decorative yet solid-hued, textured and complex (note the fur finishes on the cuffs). I'm in love!

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WendyB said...

Love the sleeves on the first black shirt.