Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jennifer Behr: Feather Headband

Jennifer Behr Wide Feather Headband, $158 at Saks

Recently, on an aimless visit to Barneys, I noticed a collection of feather headbands. Perhaps it was the chic woman trying them on or Sarah Jessica Parker's aplomb when wearing her feathered hat to the "Sex and the City" London premiere that drew my attention to the whimsical wildness of those mesmerizing adornments. A feather headband is probably the closest thing I'll ever get to wearing real feathers (the thought of spontaneous molting is enough to scare me off), and a touch of plumage adds individuality and spunk to an otherwise conservative outfit. Anyway, headbands are so Blair Waldorf--and I confess I love me some Gossip Girl.


AS said...

There are other fabulous feather headbands - a great website I found at

You should check it out. I have a few myself - beautiful feathers, great design.

Anonymous said...

Also check out for amazing feather headbands, jewelry, and beautiful bangle bracelets. Her work is like nothing I've seen before.

Agnes said...

check out for vintage inspired feathered headbands and hats!

Anonymous said...

Check out LovMely Feather handmade headbands. Beautiful and well made.


Anonymous said...

These are great headbands! I found a new store online called Esti Headbands. Go to for the new fashion trend! Feather headbands - beautifully crafted and worth every cent. I bought a few of them and get complimented all the time! I saw similar ones in Lucky and OK and People magazines. These magazines say that feather headbands are number three of the top ten fashion trends for the fall 2008 and winter 2009. I find Esti Headbands to be plentiful and so beautiful! Check it out!

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