Thursday, August 21, 2008

Model Spotting: Cecilia Mendez

Every now and then, I see a celebrity or model on the streets of New York. A few weeks ago, I saw Sasha Pivovarova and two of her friends on Pell Street (Chinatown, near Joe's Shanghai). I confess I get a little ga-ga over them, because to me, models are a breed of aliens. They certainly resemble humans, but their tall legginess, other-worldly thinness, and rarefied features are quite foreign to us common people. Today, I saw Cecilia Mendez on the 6 train, heading to Bleeker (no surprise there). She wore a very loose, almost raggedy, black and white checkered shirt over tan short shorts. Other than her alien physique, nothing (fashion-wise) stood out. In most of my "celeb spotting" moments, I generally find them to be quite ordinarily dressed, which tells us something. Perhaps they're sick and tired of looking glamorous all the time. Or maybe they're ordinary people who get "dressed up" to look the part from time to time. In any case, it made me appreciate humble dressing--which is something us common folk can forget to do.


miss cavendish said...

One of my favorite celebrity/model sightings was in 1996 at Frederic Fekkai (still at Chanel). As I was dutifully checking in at the desk, the elevator doors opened behind me and out burst a vision of blonde hair in a pink men's shirt, off to her private room. Who? Christie Brinkley, of course!

Amol said...

They do seem other worldly. Hence why i get slightly weirded out by them, because of their unique looks. But to me their humble dressing is same as ours. Jeans shirts or suits or simple dresses.