Friday, June 13, 2008

Fendi: Puffed Purple

Fendi Puff-Sleeve Sweater Dress, $811 at

While I'm not in any rush to buy a sweater dress, this lovely one from Fendi would be an easy addition to my wardrobe several months from now (when it goes on sale). I've finally grown to acknowledge that maybe I do need less dressy items that still have an elevated sense of style. Puffed sleeves were good enough for Anne of Green Gables, and they remain stylish today--just make sure the rest of your outfit isn't puffy as well.

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miss cavendish said...

Ahh--anyone who cites Anne of Green Gables as a fashion icon (OK--that may be pushing it) in an unironic way is a true fashionista. I'm going to the Island next week on bizness and will be sure to look out for puffed sleeves . . .