Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Burberry Prorsum: Resort 2009

As anyone can tell from my previous posts, I adore Christopher Bailey for the genius that he is; he's also brought sexy back to the House of Burberry. However, his Resort 2009 line is almost identical to his Pre-Fall 2008 line: it's replete with the standard Burberry "look": pencil skirts, belted jackets/sweaters, black ankle socks with booties, brocade/textured fabrics. While I certainly appreciate the look, I wonder if it's a little too one note. I'm sure designers struggle with the age-old question of choosing between "if it ain't broke" and "reinventing the wheel." In many ways, that same question haunts the consumer. Do you faithfully adhere to a uniform, making it your "signature" look, or do you mix it up for variety's sake?

1. Beautiful skirt, wonderful color combinations:

2. The belt looks awkward on this look:

3. My favorite look, the combination of the moss-green jacket over the silver brocade dress is unusual:

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