Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bill Blass: Resort 2009

In Peter Som's capable, fresh, architecturally-gifted hands (his parents are both architects), Bill Blass is experiencing a resurgence of chic, easy American style that no longer seems staid and old-fashioned. (I've glossed over Bill Blass for years, relegating that label to my parents' generation.) And if you haven't been yet convinced, here are three examples that just may sway you.

1. I love the ease of the long cardigan over a fun, interesting design:

2. My absolute favorite, this canary yellow gem screams to be worn to the opera or a black-tie affair. This dress is on my MUST-ACQUIRE list.

3. The tulip hem is reminiscent of Oscar de la Renta, but the subtle pattern is Som.

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