Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tough Love: Givenchy & Leather Leggings

I've been thinking about a shift in my standard look, and perhaps Stella from Project Runway has made more of an impact on my aesthetic than I had anticipated. I had officially retired my leath-uh jacket (it's too classic, anyway), but a loosely structured, dramatic biker jacket is the must-have of the season. And now, I'm even considering the newly hot leather leggings that made such a dramatic appearance at Givenchy's smoking fall collection.

Of course, I say this with some serious considerations. (A distant memory of myself dressed up as Storm from X-Men for Halloween haunts me...memories of hot, sticky, uncomfortable leather.) If I were to somehow get past the inconvenience of wearing tight leather, could I even pull it off? I mean, I'm the "girly girl," which means I live in dresses and skirts. Black leather leggings? I suppose I could girlify them by pairing them with a crisp, white, ruffled blouse, or I could just wear them with stilettos and multiple chains--but then, I may feel like I was reliving the awkward Storm impersonation. I suppose I'll stick to the leather jacket for now.

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