Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jean Therapy?

MiH Oslo Slim Leg Jeans, $235 at Net-a-porter

Although I have never been one of those girls who hates shopping, I do absolutely abhor shopping for these three items: jeans, bras, and bathing suits. The latter two highlight bodily imperfections (either real or imaginary), and the first one mainly stems from my traumatic jeans-shopping experiences.

I will admit: I've been more of a dress than a jeans girl; most jeans simply do not look flattering on me (I have a larger bottom than top). I detest trying to squeeze into sausage-like low-rise jeans that threaten to cleave at any turn. Case in point: my beloved Rock and Republic skinny jeans failed me (thankfully I was wearing a large tunic on top), and I have been bereft ever since.

Apparently, it's nearly impossible to find "high-rise skinny jeans in a dark blue wash" at Saks and Bergdorf's (Bergdorf's has an embarrassingly small jeans department). (I did have high hopes for J.Brand, but somehow they didn't look quite right.) Barneys, which has a more extensive jeans section, was more helpful. I found these MiH (Made in Heaven) jeans, and they actually look flattering. I settled for a larger-sized pair of mid-rise jeans, and all I have to do now is to take them to the tailor's to be hemmed.

Today I had a peek into the mindset of a shopping-phobe, and thankfully a kind saleslady made that experience less terrifying.


Farrell and Lauren said...

As a fellow girl with a bit of a proportion problem, I am wondering what you wear as a jeans alternative. Do you ever wear other pants? Or just stick to skirts and dresses?

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I do wear pants, but they're usually either full (with a small top) or skinny (with a large top). Either way, the eye is deceived into thinking that the body is slim.