Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Prada Spring 2009: Masters Can Be Morons

Although I feel somewhat like a traitor when I say this, I must admit that I look forward to Milan's Fashion Week the most. Burberry Prorsum (I've always found it odd that they never show in London), Bottega Veneta, Prada, Alberta Ferretti...these designers are, without fail, the creme de la creme of the fashion world. Every season, I purchase something from Prada (this season it was the lace skirt, and last season it was the fairy platforms), but after purveying the incredibly disappointing spring runway show, I regret to say that there was nothing that captured my hitherto eager attention. And if I can be so bold, I have to say that this collection was the worst I've ever seen from Prada. Messy, sloppy pairings; wrinkled nylon; stiff, overdone chignons; exposed bras; odd black stripes randomly placed on one side; rain parkas draped over boxers--various incarnations of these hideous details left me figuratively scratching my head. Excuse my French, but what the f&*%?!

Here are some of the worst looks. Look if you can bear it.

1. This dress actually had potential, but that nasty shredded black stripe down the right side ruins it from ever being wearable:

2. Another black-striped monstrosity, but this time there are unexplainable sea creatures frolicking on the side:

3. Dowdy, ill-fitting sweater, a shredded top layer over boy shorts? There are no excuses for something this terrible.


Songy said...

If one was looking for something totally wearable this collection might have well been a disappointment. As for me even the most wearable RTW shows are more or less just eye candies so this prada collection is no exception I suppose. I'm sorry to hear that prada disappointed you this season. Did you find any other designer that tickled your fancy then?

miss cavendish said...

Prada usually can ride that thin edge between ugly/pretty, but not this time. And in your first photo: which is more horrific--the emsemble or the emaciated model's ribcage?

mickey said...

did you ever get a chance to check out the collection in person? those cashmere sweaters sold out pretty quickly. though they are dowdy and prim from the front they are more interesting from the back!