Friday, September 26, 2008

I Heart Versace

Donatella's spring 2009 Versace collection surpassed even her adorable fall 2008 collection in wit, craftsmanship, and beauty. It seemed hardly recognizable from the "Showgirls" days (remember when Elizabeth Berkley's character mispronounces Versace with two syllables instead of three?) of skintight, scandalous dresses. Instead, the entire line was a refreshing wonder to behold. Three-dimensional hearts made out of zippers; crisp, pristine python dresses; chunky rings and cuffs shaped like bulbous hearts; sinuous folds on impeccably-tailored dresses all scream out to be lovingly worn and collected.

Some of my favorite looks:
1. This white python dress looks gorgeous from afar...

...but astounding from close-up:

2. A perfect white cocktail dress with discrete, diagonal zippers:

3. Here's another one with a large heart made entirely of zippers:

A close-up of said zippers:

4. If hearts don't strike your fancy, how about ribboned loops?

5. I adore the gentle folds on this beige beauty:

6. Donatella's prowess extends to shoes. The crystal-embellished heel glams up the effect on the white hot python skin:

7. Her bags are drool-worthy too. I can't decide which one I like better, the gold or the white:


Songy said...

Glad to know that you enjoyed this collection. I do love the texture they went for with the simple colours. Very elegant.

I like finding out what people enjoyed from FWs. I never get to see all of them even in

wish there were more hours in a day...then don't we all?

ambika said...

It's amazing how Versace can so keep their sultry look but still do something different every time. The use of zippers is just genius.

WendyB said...

I thought this was great too. But Versace always had a lot of pieces that defied their glitzy-tacky reputation:

Anonymous said...

im excited to say that i will be wearing the i heart versace dress design to the prom!!!! i wasnt going for the classic prom look and this dress is amazing and super adorable...but black is not appropriate for prom so i will be wearing a remake by my own designer...still just as cute!!!