Monday, September 15, 2008

London Fashion Week: Graeme Black

When I think of Graeme Black, one adjective floats to the surface: pristine. His work has a metaphorically pure, clean quality to it, and even when he's experimenting with architectural lines and avant-garde silhouettes, his clothes retain that unfettered, pared-down look that is both refined and modern. While some of his loose dresses (unfortunately unbelted) seemed out of place, the actual fabric and color choices still resembled his more crisp looks.

1. Work Wear: These two suits are definitely for the more creative offices out there--there's a kind of space-agey quality to them. I'm mad about the peplum top on the first and the rounded collar on the second jacket:

2. Killer Day Looks: Even though the looks themselves are somewhat complicated, there's a harmonious unity to them that make them seem effortless. The large wooden necklace is a surprise addition to the all-gray outfit, and I am simply pining after the metallic leather jacket (it reminds me of a Prada jacket I saw recently--silver metallic, ruffled peplum, perfection):

I usually hate cropped pants, but this one looks so right with the jacket and blouse:

Ruffled skirts are starting to grow on me:

3. Avant-garde/Dressy: Black still manages to explore some non-traditional looks in his collection. While I'm fascinated by the first dress (the ruffles look fierce, not dainty), it looks hard to sit in. The second one reminds me of a water nymph:

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