Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Uniforms (and More Blogger Meet-Ups)

From Left to Right: Nini from Nini's Style, Hanh from Life in Travel, Me, and Lynn from All Things NYC

From Left to Right: Style and Beyond, Me, Lynn from All Things NYC, and D. from Dream Sequins

Lately, it seems that bloggers and editors alike have been talking about a "uniform": a dependable fashion formula that one can turn to when life or inertia gets in the way of creativity--or daring. Although I'm not one for formulas--I teach English, not Math, after all--, I do appreciate the familiarity, versatility, and ease of a blazer, top, skinny jeans, and heels (throw in a colorful scarf or belt for distinguishing details). When in doubt, I wear the uniform, which works for day or night.
Carolina Herrera wears a crisp white blouse. Alexander Wang wears a slouchy top and sweat pants. Karl Lagerfeld wears a black suit, white shirt, and black tie. What's your uniform?
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WendyB said...

I think I just broke out in hives at the sight of "crisp white blouse." I want to see someone admit to wearing a wrinkled, sweat-stained white blouse. It would be a refreshing change.

Nini's Style said...

I'm not sure if I have a uniform but I do love the looks of loose blazer over fitted dress.
Have a nice day Thumbelina.

Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

Hi Thumbelina,
It's very nice to meet you. It was great fun time to hang out with you all.


Kat said...

Good evening Thumbelina! Always nice to see pix of blogger meet-ups...been enjoying looking at a lot of these too these past 2 weeks! Love your blazers, especially that black one you wore at the Sushi Samba lunch.

My 'uniform' of late would consist of a black top, jeans, and a necklace. Love Carolina Herrera's crisp white blouses!

-h said...

you are all so lovely :)

my uniform: black pants, black tuxedo, and some top of some kind.
when im really lazy: black trench, black pants, matchy-matchy belt and shoes.

Anonymous said...

You look great as usual! I really love the gold dress you wore at the Bloggers Meet. Is it from Miu miu? Is it still available?

My fail-proof uniform is jeans (bootcut and skinnies work for me), Tee (usually white or gray) and my trusty Chanel reissue. On colder days, i'll throw on a lime yellow or bright pink cardigan.

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Four beautiful woman in one picture!

I forgot to count your meet-ups during the last weeks ;)
Your ravishing blue scarf and the black/ grey basics make the perfect pairing.

Love your look, Thumbelina!

Perfect to every single detail. Your silver CC (?) heels, the zipper at jeans, the grey clutch and that silver statement necklace!

Style Odyssey said...

lol, Wendy B...if i wore a "crisp white blouse" in this environment, it would be a "wrinkled, sweat-stained blouse" in no time!!

what's my uniform? i wish i could say i had a uniform sometimes. lately, it's...oh, you don't want to know! ("sweat stained" is often an unfortunate part of one's look around these parts.)

ok, so my "ideal" uniform would probably be skinny jeans, margiela boots in black (his footwear is actually comfortable), loose tee and black tux-style jacket.

by the way, FW looks like such fun!

janettaylor said...

Oh, what a gorgeous meeting. You are so beautiful. Love Ur blouse, dear!


miss cavendish said...

I like a pencil skirt, a wrinkly wrap silk shirt (sans collar!!), a cardi, if necessary, and an outrageous pair of heels.

vitaMinn style said...

Another blogger meet-up, how fun!!

As for the uniform, I seem to always go by this formula when in a rush: a halter or ruffly top + blazer + jeans + heels

Would love, love to meet you someday!!

TLT said...

Easily a flouncy skirt, a button-up blouse, and blazer or colorful cardigan to top it all off. (Plus tights if it's fall). And always...ALWAYS...a pair of large earrings! :)

mom & son said...

i don't have a uniform.
i wear clothes which i feel and i know
that its comfortable to me.

Dream Sequins said...

Well I *wish* my teachers in school were as stylish as you are. It may be a "formula" to you, but it's sheer genius at work :)

I wish I had some fall back classics. I often look kind of sloppy and messy. People say it's easy, effortless dressing, but I hate looking like I tried to hard. But the end result is often looking way too casual for an event. Look at you guys at brunch looking super dapper, for instance. Sigh. :)

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Good morning, sweet Thumbelina!

Just wanted to drop you a line to wish you a sunny
and relaxing weekend ahead!!!

Hugs to you;)

Lynn said...

hi thumbelina! dimsum was great last saturday!! i think we are going back next week for more.

i don't think i have a uniform but lately (just as what i posted about) im obsessed with animal prints!!! :P

Anonymous said...

I always love to wear long knee-down pencil skirt/white blouse with a loose chain belt/fancy statement necklace/chunky vintage bracelet/sexy heels. For colder weather, with square short jacket or boyfriend blazer. 60th classic is my favorite uniform.

Pearl Westwood said...

What a super-stylish bunch you guys make!!!

modediktat said...

Hey Miss Thumbelina,
here I am back again - wow, the last weeks were amazing in a negative way here. First the cold, then too much work (better than no work at all, huh?) I was happy to do another posting this week and to visit a few blogs. Sorry for being away for such a long time.
How are you??? I've just admired the pictures on Iyam's blog - from all of you and the matching husbands and it was funny to see that you and your mister are Mr + Mrs Incognito aka Mr and Mrs Smith ;) Hah - you're always undercover. But the one of us who is never showing herself at all says HI - HIIIIIIIIII! ;)
I enjoyed to watch all the pictures from Fashion Week, started at Nini's and Hanh's blog, over to D.'s and to Lynn (found out that she has been interviewed by a friend! FUN!!) - thanks so much to all of you!

AND THANKS SO MUCH TO YOU FOR GIVING ME AN AWARD!!!!! Just noticed that today... :-S
BIG BIG KISS and HUG to you!!!

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday :-D
xoxo sofie

Patty Ann said...

i really really want to do a blogger meetup!!! this looks like so much fun!!! very stylish group. when i come to new york let's set up a meetup!!!


dot said...

That's such a good question. I've realised just now that my uniform changes all the time. I just go thru a phase where I wear the same thing for like a week, then I switch. It's usually got some black & navy if it's A/W, and white/nude/pale pink for S/S.

I wish I was there! Hey: I could photoshop myself into the shots.. no, wouldn't be the same. With you in spirit, tho!


Amol said...

Well the weather, although it's still New York, in Binghamton has already gotten quite chilly. But my formula still stays the same: a well made jacket or blazer, a t-shirt with some sort of design on it for some color, and a good pair of denim jeans. I am a sneaker fiend, but was only able to bring 2 pairs of sneakers with me. I try to sport the nicer pair when it's not raining or when there isn't snow on the ground in the future. I feel like you can't go wrong with well made clothing that fit well, even if it's a simple outfit.