Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fashion's Night Out: Soho

Helena Christensen at Marc Jacobs

Vera Wang taking a picture with a fan

Some goodies at Prada

Close-up of my favorite Prada runway shoe

Some red dresses at Prada (my favorite is the animal-print velvet one in the middle)

There was a mob outside of Intermix; according to the sour-faced SAs at the empty Miu Miu store (next door), the mob was there to see a glimpse of Sienna Miller.

Free cupcakes outside of Club Monaco

Free manicures at Chanel

Peter Som at Kirna Zabete (he graciously took a photo with me; I'm on the left, cropped out)

Limited Edition goodies at Kirna Zabete, including a $49 apron (left) by Peter Som

More limited edition bags
As I suspected, Fashion's Night Out was more about partying and celeb gawking than an actual shopping event. Most people were too busy schmoozing and drinking (I've never seen so much free booze before) to shop. In some over-crowded stores, one could hardly get a glimpse of the racks. Nevertheless, the real success of the night was probably to dispel the sartorial guilt that most people have endured over the last few years. The message was loud and clear: It's no longer insensitive to shop to your heart's content.


Kat said...

I've been waiting to see some of these Fashion's Night Out pix! Thanks for at least I can truly imagine what it's like at such an event!

Love the red dresses at the window...not my usual color but I just bought a super red dress for fall! Never say never.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome post! Did you enjoy yourself at the events? I look forward to them when I shift to NYC in the future!!!! And we could meet up to go for such events together! How great is that!

Love, Adeliet

WendyB said...

Those shoes are calling out to me. I definitely agree on your analysis of the evening. Absolutely no business was done that I could see but at least people felt good about being in stores.

Nubiasnonsense said...

cool post. I went to Barneys for FNY.

My God those Pradas are dazzling!!

Flavia M. from FRINGE INDIE MAGAZINE said...

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mom & son said...

hi thumbelina.
wow! wish i was in NY to experience
this fabulous event.
i'm sure its so much fun.
prada's collection is awesome especially
the architectural design shoe! i love it!

i'm looking forward to see more updates from
fashion night out.

Marian said...

awesome photo honey! hope you had a fab fab time

Lynn said...

my friends and i hit madison ave first before going to soho. i think when we went to soho most of the events are done :). but we did manage to have a picture with donna karan!

Patty Ann said...

omgggg looks like so much fun
i was totally wondering whether people even bought things
with all the goodies and the celebrity gawking, i wonder how much people bought, too!
great recap of FNO
looks soo funnn

Patty Ann said...

p.s. omgggg you met peter som

Eden said...

so jealous of you lovely girls enjoying the freebies and the designer sightings in fashions night out! im glad you had a great time.:P

and yes, total love to Peter Som:)


Alecca Rox said...

all these free goodies and meeting Peter Som! exciitiiiing!

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Hello Thumbelina
on a late sunday evening here in Germany.

Aaah, it´s all about NY Fashion Week!
You lucky lucky girl!
I can only take a look at and Jak + Jil blog ;))

Helena looks incredible at Marc Jacobs!
I already see one of these Prada shoes on your feet.
Did you hear anything about your Oscar de la Renta´s in the meantime?

Have a relaxing sunday and enjoy NY FASHION WEEK!!!!

a bit mischievous said...

oh my god... the prada runway shoe is fabolous!!!

little fish said...

great post !! seems like you've had fun!! Who is Peter Som? sorry i am ignorant and he is a great looking guy.

cocktailoffashion said...

It looks like everyone had a great time at the event! I think NY probably had a better atmosphere than London.

Did you purchase anything? or did you indulge in the free Booze? ;)
If i was there i would probably be enjoying the free booze! :)

Enjoy the rest of the week!!

dot said...

Was just about to ask if you'd gone!! I didn't end up going to the London one after all, but there's a lot coming up here for fashion week.

Only have a second & will have to read this properly when I get back - just stopped in for a minute (it's a bit hectic this week - AND we're attempting having our friend's dog this week and introducing him to our cat in a few hours) and I see you've seen Kat & Lynn this week!

Wanted to thank you for taking the time to visit & wish me a happy birthday, Thumbelina. You are so nice & I'm so glad we're blog-friends & hope to actually meet you one of these days!


Taylor Sterling said...

Looks like a great time! Great pics!

vitaMinn style said...

Next year, I'll really plan my trip to NYC around this time. It's like hitting 2 birds with one stone: US Open & Fashion Week (for freebies, style sightings and to simply experience the chaos of it all).

Vera Wang seems to be a genuinely nice lady. Can't believe she'll pose that close and almost hugging a fan! Lucky fan! Lucky you to be in the midst of all the fashion week action! =)

Dream Sequins said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time! I was so crazed as I hate crowds... BTW so great meeting you at the IFB event tonight :)

Style & Beyond said...

missed FNO -- got too tired LOL besides it would've been more fun if we had known each other before then!! LOL we could've gone together!! i had so much fun last night and it was soo nice to finally meet you!! =) you're soo pretty!! btw, message me your email/number and let's let dimsum soon! =)

PS: linking you up!


StyleSpy said...

Helena Christenson is too danged pretty for her own good. Also, love the air-bisou going on in the background of that photo -- perfect! Vera Wang better hope I never meet her with a pair of scissors in my pocket, because if I do -- SNIP! GAH, that hair drives me crazy!!!

I will be verrrrrrrry interested to hear the retail reports on how much business was actually done at all these events.

dottie said...

p.s. Came back here to send you this link (below) & ended up gushing on your previous post.

I loved the end of this post on the HuffPost, about the joy that's surrounding fashion right now. You picked up on something that this writer echoes. In fact, I'm going to post on it. Right now!

TLT said...

That Prada shoe is to die for. It's studded, velvety perfection!!

London hotels said...

So much fun! i just booked my trip to London with LMT this December and i wish joining some fashion night out like this :) dreamy !