Tuesday, September 15, 2009

IFB: When Bloggers Descend En Masse

Last night, I attended the Independent Fashion Bloggers' "Dress-Up Soiree," which consisted of a panel discussion (featuring prominent bloggers) and an after-party. Although I arrived (fashionably?) late, I was stunned to see a monstrous line down the street. The venue was ridiculously incapable of supporting the hordes of bloggers that eagerly attended (look at the above picture to get a sense of the size of the room), and as a result, people crowded into the bar (located downstairs from the panel) and drowned out the panelists. Nevertheless, the real highlight of the night was getting to finally meet so many amazing and super-friendly bloggers!

Geri Hirsch from Because I'm Addicted

Susie Bubble from Style Bubble

The Mosh-Pit (aka the bar)

The glamorous Wendy Brandes (she was on the panel too)

Gisela and Maury from Heights of Fashion, Lynn from All Things NYC, Me, and Wendy from Wendy Brandes Jewelry

Maury and Gisela from Heights of Fashion

Lynn and Lucretia from Fashion is Poison

Hanh from Life in Travel and Nini from Nini's Style

Style and Beyond and Nini

Dream Sequins, Hanh, Nini, and me

Shoe Shot! (Same girls as above shot but with Style and Beyond)

The Bloggerati

Hanh posing outside

Dream Sequins taking a shot of Hanh (love her Nicholas Kirkwood shoes!)

Childhood Flames

Nini and The Glamourai
To everyone else: Wish you were here!!


Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

So fun. You looked FABULOSITY!

K.Line said...

You all look great but I particularly LOVE WendyB's getup!

Kat said...

Oh my heavens! How fabulous are you ladies!!! I love ogling at these photos of my favorite bloggers...I can recognize almost everyone! Looks like a great FUN night!

Love your dress and the gold tone of your ensemble! The dress's print is amazing! And those shoes look so unique!

Totally dreaming I were there, too!

Style Odyssey said...

what fun!!! i like what everyone's wearing...such individuals, no cookie-cutter "style" here! completely refreshing.

any more posts/pics coming?

WendyB said...

You got great pix! I have to send you one of us together so you can do the face-erasing thing.

TLT said...

Ahhhh, that looks so fun!!! Wish I could have been there :) You looked amazing!!

Carmela said...

How awesome! Wish I could have come.


justeileen said...

Oh what an event to attend!! I love what you are wearing! Perfect chic!

janettaylor said...

What a great meeting! :-) So fun and fashionable...


The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Helloooo Thumbelina..

Oh yesss. referring to your last sentence: I wish I would be there, too ;)))

Such an awesome post with so many many pictures! I truly can imagine what a great and fabulous time you all had to meet each other!!!

You are so tres chic in your Miu Miu "roman" dress,these 2d4 Chanel heels... the Hermes bracelet etc etc ;)

Enjoy your day in the one and only city where to be right now!!!

Dream Sequins said...

It was SO much fun meeting you! I was overwhelmed at the blogging glitterati out and about. LOL I love that last shot of Nini and The Glamourai. They know how to work those poses. Fierce!

miss cavendish said...

Thanks for these wonderful visuals. Now: do tell! What was the panel like?

Iheartfashion said...

Everyone looked great! Wish I could have been there.

cocktailoffashion said...

Hi Thumbelina,

This must have been so much fun and everyone looks absolutely gorgeous!

These are great pics and i can't wait to see more! :)

Have a great day!

vitaMinn style said...

I would give up 1 month of shopping just to be there and soak (err drown) in fabulosity that surround these fashion bloggers!

I hope everyone in the pix know how lucky, lucky they are just to be there while the rest of us wish, dream and ogle...

Lovely outfit! Love those Chanels when you first posted it and loving it more now! =)

Style & Beyond said...

absolutely!!! private msg me your number!! let's keep in touch hun ;)


Lynn said...

it was so nice to see you last monday and yesterday!! hope you are not getting tired of seeing me as we've been invited by deanne for dimsum! :)

mom & son said...

wow, i'm sooo jealous!
you met them in person!
huh! wish i was really in NY to meet all of you!

39th and Broadway said...

The best pictures of the event! So sad we didn't get a chance to meet, but what a fantastic event!

Maggie said...

What a spectacular evening, wish i were there. Thanks for sharing! =)

Stacy said...

wow, looks like a blast! hope you had fun, loving all the group shots


Patty Ann said...

wow, it sounds like there must have been over 100 people! what would you guess??? like 100+??? ahhh and so many bloggers from outside of ny!! amazing! living vicariously through you! looks like so much fun!


jennine said...

omg...well the last event not many bloggers showed up, which was nice we had a great party but it was amazing so many people did show up this time.

thank you so much for coming! i hope to see you again soon!

goldenmeans said...

Oh, that looks like *such* fun. And I adore your mosiac dress - you look fabulous in it :)

Jason said...

Looked like a fun event! I was going to stop by but ended up not going. :(