Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thumbelina's 2nd Giveaway: LNA Leggings!

LNA Leggings in Red, Gray, Purple, Aqua, Hot Pink, Gray, and Moss Green (not seen), Available at Chickdowntown

I'm thrilled to offer my readers another giveaway! To win a pair of these zipper leggings in your choice of colors, simply leave a comment with your name (feel free to leave your first name and the first initial of your surname if you don't want to leave your entire name) and a brief explanation about how you'd rock these leggings. I'm happy to say that this contest is open to everyone (U.S. and international readers, but the latter will be responsible for any custom fees). The contest ends on Friday, October 2nd, and I will announce a winner shortly thereafter.
I want to thank my faithful readers (silent or vocal). Your support means a lot to me, and I love hearing from you. Thanks also to Chickdowntown for this amazing giveaway. Be sure to check out Amy's Twitter Page for more information about other giveaways through Chickdowntown!


Vicki said...

I love the purple, pink and aqua. Id rock them with a black long blazer, grey draped vest, killer black ankle boots and loads chains and chunky cuffs. :)
ps great photos of NYC below!! love seeing a bloggers union!! xx
much love,
vicki aka

Kat said...

Good afternoon Thumbelina! What bright the purple and the gray ones! I'd wear the gray leggings with a voluminous purple knit top and black booties.

Hope all is good at work.

Linda said...

yay! me please! I still don't own a pair of leggings...

Nini's Style said...

Those colorful leggings look fun. It was nice seeing you yesterday sweetie.
Have a lovely day,

little fish said...

I am conventional so I would love to have a pair of gray leggings. I will rock them with my army green tank top, my zara grey boy friend blazer and finish my look with a pair of my not yet worn Jimmy Choo studded high heels sandas ;p oh i wont forget to add some accessories too!

Wong ST

Carmela B said...

I'd rock 'em with a sheer white button down, colored corset underneath and YSL pumps :)


un petit receso! said...

Hi Thumbelina.
I just found your blog and I really enjoy it!
I agree... Prada and Miu Miu shoes are so comfortable!
Your Miu Miu dress is gorgeous, I really love the S/S 2009 collection (I have one too and is my fave)
Bye, Kathy.
(don't take part of you giveaway 'cause I'm new, it'd be unfair )

vitaMinn style said...

Wow, giveaway, yippeeee!!

I'd rock those gray leggings with a white shirt and a black motorcycle jacket (which i don't have) and thigh-high boots!

Stephanie said...

I have been wanting a pair of zipper leggings so much lately! I would wear the grey with black heels and a white tunic with black embroidery.

Love your blog. :)

.cocobutterlipbalm said...

amazing leggings - i think your blog is uber chic and unique and I would truly appreciate if you could PLEASE BECOME A FOLLOWER on my blog -

Marian said...

oh loving them all honey! WHAT A FAB GIVEAWAY! my faves are the cobalt blue and pale blue. id wear them layered in my usual way, beneath a pair of shorts,vintage skirt or dress,denim jacket with strong shoulders!

phi s t y l e said...

structured bf blazer and sky high heels!

tramanh phi =)

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Hi Thumbelina!
Finally it´s friday and weekend so close!
All 6 are so colorful, my fav would be the dark gray color. How I would wear them? ;)..
Maybe with open toe booties or IM booties or flat Lanvin ballerinas, a longer tee with a black boyfriend blazer and a vintage necklace.

Have a beautiful weekend Thumbelina with lots of sunshine in your heart!

Neekoh said...

Hey there!

I'd totally rock these legging with an oversized sweater, heavy-duty platform boots and loads of bangles. Can't wait to see who wins the giveaway!

--Neekoh P.

Wendy said...
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Kat said...

Happy Friday Thumbelina!

Hope you don't mind...copied and pasted the pic us to my site.

Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

Claire Madeleine said...

Hi there Thumbelina!
I love leggings SO MUCH!!!
Last year, I had to wear skirts over them because of my school's stupid thumb rule, but this year, as I am in high school, I don't need to follow that rule anymore.
Which is why I NEED more leggings!
I would love either the dark grey or the light grey.
I would wear them with my new high boots, a t-shirt, and one of my dad's old/huge sweaters from Burberry (he has about 10).

Anyways, I hope I win!

Nika said...

Nika C.

I would rock those leggins with black pumps a long blazer and a top hat :)

xtinagirl said...

Hiiii! :) These leggings are amazing! I love how versatile these ones are. The zipper is so eye catching. I'd probably wear them with a long cardigan or blazer and an oversized t-shirt! I'm all about simplicity. Oh, and most importantly-ankle booties!

Christina L.


Caroline M said...

I would rock the light gray leggings with my black lace and patent leather cavalli boots, a white button down and my Jill Sander leather jacket! Awesome!

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

To the Women who is called the QUEEN OF BELTS ;)

Just wanted to drop you a short line to let you know that a little award is awaiting you!

Enjoy your NY weekend!

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Oh that´s so sweet.
Noo.. I didn´t see ;) Guess I was blind ;)

Thank you so much, Thumbelina!!!
Wishing you lots of relaaaaxing moments!!!

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Yiiipppiiieeh, I´ve found the award ;)
And I saw the post and made a comment and did not see the award... I need glasses, Thumbelina!!

Anonymous said...

I'd do a tone-on-tone thing with this funky grey tunic/top I own and black heels.

~Kathryn H.

Patty Ann said...

i'd go with a military style dark green/olive dress and pair it with some heavy metal! the zipper detail is perfect for a girl take on something tough! you are amazing and i love your blog! thanks for the giveaway!

Janny Li said...

I love the dark grey ones for everyday wear and the hot pink ones for a more fun look! I would wear pair them with black heeled booties and a fitted but also drappy top over a tank top.

Divya said...

I'd rock the gray leggings with a purple tunic/dress, wide belt, and booties.

Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

cool leggings!!!

I just want to say"HI" to you and let you know that I enjoyed to seeing you in NY. I hope see you again soon.
Take care,

Dream Sequins said...

Deanne Y. would rock the hot purple leggings with a tee shirt dress and a long necklace and a wrist dangling with bracelets. Fun giveaway :)

dot said...

Jill (Polka Dot) would rock the light grey leggings with my new birthday Topshop Sequin Motorcycle Jacket in silver/nude, with.. well, I'd have to get high heel booties, as heels, ballet flats, sneakers, or any other boots would just be so last season.

Thumbie! I really wish I was at that Bloggers Convention & I so wish you could see what's going on here. I must say for my first ever fashion week, it's just been amazing, and it's not over yet!


TLT said...

Awesome giveaway! :)

I'm in love with the aqua leggings. I can imagine myself wearing them with crazy neon yellow shoes, but toning the top half down with an oversized black boyfriend blazer and tank.

TLT said...

Whoops, last comment by Tiffany T. :)

Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

Heart when great minds think alike. I would rock these leggings with YSL and a sequin hoodie. Because I can ;)

But mostly I'd look for a top that covers my ass. It's spreading faster than swine flu. F.


WendyB said...

I'd try to wear them in a way that annoys WWD.

Anonymous said...

Hellooo sweetheart!!! What an awesome giveaway! I hope to do a giveaway one day at my blog too! I would love to participate although I doubt I would ever win! (I've bad luck with winning lol)

I would choose the purple and/or gray leggings! I love these two colors -- 1) purple is soooo 80s but it can be worn with a classy touch; 2) gray is such a fab neutral for daily wear!

I would pair the purple leggings with a oversized black ruched top (AA's sexuali tee in black) and together with my chunky black platform heels (the ones on my blog which I featured only with my legs) and my Balenciaga grey bag.

As for the grey leggings, I'd tune it up a notch with leather sleeveless top and my new Balmainesque blazer with crazy shoulder pads as well as Balmainesque Zara crystal studded heels with my off-white Chanel flap bag!

;)))) Thanks babe for the opportunity to enter into this contest!

Love, Adela Lam

Lola G said...

I LOVE these, as I already told you today! I would wear the dark grey ones, with my Zara thin-strapped light brown leather heels, and a big baggy mens' Stussy (ghetto brand woo!) shirt (white with arrow designs going vertically) which I edited myself to make much more feminine (I'm very proud of it). I'd top it off with a simple dark blue blazer.

A very simple outfit but in my opinion, wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Hey Thumbelina,

YAH! Another giveaway! I have seen these leggings before, and really liked them but never got them. :( So, I am very happy to see them again.

I love the grays and the red. I would rock these by wearing a long black racerback tank (or simple "flowy" top,) studded ankle boots, and chunky accessories.

Thanks for this post

-R. Bynoe

glitteryeyesxx said...

I could definitely see myself rocking either the dark grey or the light grey leggings. Those colors can basically go with anything in my fall closet! I think I would try to pair these with sequinned racerback tanks or long, oversized "V" neck shirts. Heck, I think I could even pair them with the new blazers I got for this winter season! OOo, there's just way too many POSSIBILITIES! =D

Thank you so much for doing this for your readers, so sweet of you!

-Sophia T.

Kyle said...

Would do the purple leggings with a plain oversized white tank top and a black belt to accentuate the waist plus a killer pair of strappy stilettos since all the attention will be on the feet/ankle area with that zipper!

S. !!!!! said...

I've seen a look in a few stores, like american apparel and loved it......take a pair of leggings, cut a few slits on the sides, and when you put them on they stretch on the sides of your legs and make them appear thinner and longer

I would wear the gray leggings, cut them to make the slits on the sides, only a few of course, and then pair it with a white or black lacy tanktop, and a classic chanel style jacket or blazer(i have one of these from H&M that looks just like the real thing) to soften the look. With that i would wear a pair of black pointy suede ballet flats, to show off the zippers on the sides.
I love this look because the leggings with slits create a grunge look, then mixed with the(lacy) tank top and classic chanel jacket, it is the perfect balance of edgy/chic and girly, which is one of my signature looks.

sashaa said...

I would wear the purple leggings with black ankle boots to show off the zippers, a simple tanktop and a classic black blazer to top off the look! add real pearls as jewelry and a nicer blouse to dress up the look!

i hope i win!

Jane P. said...

I would wear the dark gray leggings with a tight mini dress, a pair of black peep toe heels, and a large classic white button up shirt. With it i would wear a black and chunky(but not tacky) belt around my waist to accentuate curves when wearing the large white button up shirt.

S. P said...

I'd rock the leggings with a large sweater dress and a pair of ankle boots to show off the zippers. This look works with any color leggings but i would wear a grayish sweater dress, with the purple leggings for a pop of color and black ankle boots.

hope i win!

S. said...

I'd wear the purple, or dark gray leggings with a white tank top, motorcycle leather jacket, and black ankle boots or a pair of black ballet flats

Sophia P. said...

I'd wear the gray ones with my black chanel quilted hangbag(in gold with a gold chain), a cute frilly white blouse tucked into a black tulip skirt, and black ankle boots from La Dolce Vita.

KD said...

Katy D. - I'd rock them with a short skirt, a silk top, my crazy patterned blazer and my pink suede heels.

Ilyssa said...

I would love to wear these with some thigh high leather boots, an alexander wang inspired tank,and a moto jacket. These leggings are a great base for a simple and chic outfit.

Lilly said...

I would wear it with a long tee, colorful sneakers and a leather jacket.
Thanks a lot for the chance! I love the pink one ^^

Eliane T.

mom & son said...

hi thumbelina!
i would pick the purple leggings since it will be a good match for my mustard coat and i think it will look good to do a photo shoot with the foliage.
now, i'm crossing my fingers and toes.

Christy said...

I'm so into gray right now - so I would pair those with a black jacket, a sparkley tank, and some great heels!

Anonymous said...

I would wear the grey leggings over rust or mustard colored tights and under a loose, holey cream sweater with short white dress underneath. And well worn black booties. Basically, look like the snowflake in the pumpkin patch.

- Alice

Lynn said...

the dark purple leggings is calling my name!

i would ROCK it with a burnt orange tunic and gold accessories. i'll also wear my open-toe givenchy booties.

have a great weekend!

Amanda K said...

I love the dark gray pair!! I would wear the leggings with a KERSH
Long Sleeve Cardigan, KAIN LABEL
Pocket Tank, and BLOCH Luxury Ballet Flat.

Amanda K

cuter than a button said...

i love your blog. i have been following it for some time now. i would love to wear leggings

M said...

I would rock the leggings with my favorite booties and a slouchy vintage sweater. This would be a fun and comfy outfit to wear for school and studying. The hot pink and gray are my favorites. Thanks for having the giveaway!
-Michelle H.

alicia said...

I would wear the red tights with black heels and white men's shirt and black trouser shorts. My hair would be pixie short and the sleeves would be rolled up to match the cuff of the shorts. Bright red lipstick would to top it off.