Tuesday, September 8, 2009

From Russia With Love

I'm in love with these Chanel wedges from the Paris-Moscou collection!

Thanks to Dream Sequins for her lovely "Circle of Friendship" blog award! I'm so honored! Stay tuned for blog awards (so overdue) and an account of a recent blogger meet-up with two of my favorite new friends!


Tori said...

love these shoes! Very interesting!

vitaMinn style said...

Very, very pretty!

Can't wait for your post on the blogger meet-up! So sad I wasn't there... but I'm excited to hear what you guys did!! =)

Kat said...

These beautiful shoes I got to see up close and personal YESTERDAY! And they're really, really my kind of footwear...from the artsy design, the gold tone, and those tall wedges! I was trying not to stare down at your shoes after all it was our first meeting. haha!

StyleSpy said...

Oh, those are wonderful!! Is the leather stamped or perf'd or what's going on there?

StyleSpy said...

Oh, those are wonderful!! Is the leather stamped or perf'd or what's going on there?

Nini's Style said...

LOVELOVELOVELOVE the shoes Thumbelina.
see you soon !!!
I'm counting down :-)

Style Odyssey said...

so elaborate, pretty and unusual! really, i have never seen shoes quite like these.

Patty Ann said...

i think i'm going to faint
they are so pretty
and in gold too
omg so perfect
with the black details
yeah i think i'm going to faint


little fish said...

Oh they are from Chanel? soo soo beautiful!

WendyB said...


goldenmeans said...


The Little Fashion Treasury said...

So beautiful, Thumbelina!

Love them very much.
The black curved side details are so show stopping and your nail polish a perfect addtion!

You lucky girl!
I already read on Kat´s blog about your meet-up with her and Lynn!
Can´t wait to see pictures ;)

Enjoy your day! I´m sure you are the most stylish teacher around NY!!

Viva La Fashion said...

i love how the shoes look cute from the front and then you turn and its like a completely differnt shoe.

its so unexpected. i like it. :)

justeileen said...

oh they are sooo pretty!!! I wonder what bag goes with these gorgy shoes!

janettaylor said...

OMG! These are perfection from KL. I'm sooooo jealous... YAY my! :-)


Adela said...

i LOVE those shoes!!!!!


Lynn said...

i couldn't see the details of the shoes when me met as i was not wearing any glasses. looking at them now, they are gorgeous! i imagine they would look good with tights for fall as well.

you went shopping in chanel, huh? ;)

talk to you soon!

Marian said...

one word... BEAUTIFUL!
these are stunning darling, wHAT STRUCTURE AND detail!
congrats on the circle of friends award!

phi s t y l e said...

fabulous details! I love the brocade-like patterns.

cocktailoffashion said...

oh wow, these are such gorgeous shoes! I agree with Lynn that you can actually wear them with tights in Autumn.

So i hear you are meeting up with Hanh and Nini, that should be so nice! I am looking forward to seeing the wonderful photos :)

Have a great evening!!

lovecoutureluxe said...

I think Paris-Moscou is my favorite Chanel collection thus far! I love the hand beaded bags!!! Man, I need to get one of those! Love how unique the shoes are! They have a little Prada touch, don't you think?

xx Adeliet

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Style Spy: It's lazer-cut leather. Amazing, eh?

Just Eileen: There's a gold bag version with the same pattern. It's a classic 2.55 bag with an added charm (a cage with a pearl egg in it). It's stunning. Too bad I don't have loads of cash lying around or I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Thanks for the sweet comments, everybody!

Nika said...

beautiful shoes!

rachel said...

love those shoes and they look really comfortable! could i ask your advice about something? i have a great shoshanna summer dress that can easily be worn in the fall with some tights, but it's navy blue and i've always been indecisive about what colors to wear with navy blue, brown tights and shoes? monochromatic navy? black? other? you have great style, what would you wear with a simply cut short sleeved navy blue shift dress? it's rather short on me (3-4 inches above the knee, i'm really tall). any advice welcome! thank you!

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Rachel: I think navy OR brown tights would work, but black would too. Does this dress have a subtle pattern or any other details (buttons, belt?) to play off of? Navy would look sleek, brown interesting, and black (perhaps even sheer black polka dots) would be edgy or fun. The other thing is the shoes. I like the shoes to match the tights to give a elongated look, but I usually avoid wearing one color head to toe. Personally I would wear black tights with black pumps. But there are a lot of great tight options out there--sequined or herringbone, for example, that would work too! Hope this long winded comment helps!

dot said...

Wow, Thummie, those are so so so gorgeous! Like jewels on your feet! ; )

rachel said...

hey thumbelina! thank you so much for your awesome advice - the more long-winded the better! it does have a cool diamond pattern in gold running across the top of the dress, but i could not do gold tights, just wouldn't happen. also has a navy cloth belt that came with the dress, gold buckle. i like your instinct to wear black, and i have a pair of ferragamo black pumps with gold (and a tiny bit of white) detail. i also don't like to contrast color of shoe with tights, it works for some people, but i find it at odd place to do so. what i really need are booties, wish i could afford one of the cute pairs you mentioned a while ago... maybe soon :)

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Gorgeous shoes! They are breathtaking. :)

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Rachel: So glad this advice helps. Yes, those gold/black Ferragamos sound perfect with that dress. You can play up the gold by wearing one large gold necklace (or cuff) too!

Anonymous said...

those shoes are a work of art. they are AMAZING.

TLT said...

LOVE them!!!! They're so outstanding and ornate. Your pretty pedicure goes so well with the gold/black colors!

Elen Kristvik said...


rachel said...

ooooohh..gold cuff. that sounds awesome :) thank you!

xtinagirl said...

Hihi! :) Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! Since it's summer I keep trying to go on adventures...or rather misadventures in my case haha.

I love the UO dress! I bought it and then it went on sale for like 10 bucks!

YAY I shall add you on mine! I'm honored!


miss cavendish said...

Wonderful detail. Your shoes are delicious!

Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

wow, those shoes are gorgeous. I love the details.

see you soon in NY,

mom & son said...

hi thumbelina!
wow, those shoes are really awesome.
i love its architectural design so much!

i'm excited to see all the photos from bloggers meet-up. wish i could come to NY.huh!

Intrinsically Florrie said...

Oh they are just gorgeous! Really divine.

Love your nail polish colour too. :)

Florrie x

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Hi Thumbelina!

Oh you lucky girl! I´m so in awe ;)
Saw a few minutes ago the very first pictures of your blogger party (at Dream Sequins)!
Remember you posted your "dreamticket from your wishlist" dress a few weeks ago in a post. So sweet to see it on you!

Have a beautiful day and enjoy the last days of NY Fashion Week!!!

harps said...

I'm in love with them too! gorgeous print with interesting black swirls, very nice find.