Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tiffany & Co: Key Chains

Tiffany Key Collection

In the 1990s, every self-conscious fashionista adorned herself with something that originated in that precious blue box: a silver heart pendant, a chunky chain bracelet with that unmistakable tag chain, a mesh ring. In those days, I remember falling prey to the Tiffany craze, alongside prepubescent spoiled girls who had loaded their arms, fingers, necks, and ears with a treasure chest's worth of baubles. Eventually, the craze had invaded almost every age bracket that eventually, I tired of seeing what now had become generic until I altogether retired those items to some dark crevice in my jewelry box. Despite those romantic posters of a glamorous Audrey Hepburn in front of an equally glamorous window, Tiffany's had, at least for me, lost its luster.
Until now. The sight of these vintage-inspired, elegant Victorian keys--something Miss Havisham would have used--is touching, poignant even. I love the symbolic aspect of these keys, but at the same time they carry a casual tee-shirt and jeans quality to them that attenuates any preciousness they might have originally imparted. They work best, I think, as an old-world accompaniment to a modern outfit: reminders of an enchanted time in a secret garden.


Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

my mom and i feel in love with these during our trip to nyc! sooo glad you like them too. haven't seen any one else blog about them. was worried i was the only one.

StyleSpy said...

We so share a brain -- I LOVE these. And I'm really not a big jewelry person, but I'm totally jonesing for a couple of these.

-h said...

they're beautiful. but ive always been a cartier gal...

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

I saw these sweet little Tiffany key necklaces a few times here in the mags and already felt in love with them... forgot in the meantime that they were on my wishlist ;)... so thanks for posting ;)
I love especially the gold one on the right side!
And I have to confess: For Tiffany the price tag is fine.

I´m so happy I have received yesterday the Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop jacket and it´s such a wonderful piece!


Brook and Lyn said...

This is the most eye catching item Tiffany has put out in a long time. I totally agree. How big are the keys?

Amol said...

I loved how these keys looked when I first saw them. I thought they did look more old world and romantic, like that of a secret garden type feel. Sorry there goes my imagination. But yeah, I definitely liked the look of them and think it brought back attention to Tiffany in a good way.

snoWhite said...

i LOVE tiffany.. take a look on my blog ;)