Friday, May 15, 2009

Rocky Road

Blouse: Banana Republic
Corset Belt: YSL
Skirt: Oscar de la Renta
Sandals: YSL

The weather warmed up again (I swear it's bipolar)--a perfect day for ice cream! Instead of Rocky Road (one of my favorite flavors--next to Mint Chocolate Chip, of course), I indulged in a vanilla soft-serve cone with chocolate sprinkles (or "jimmies," as we Philadelphians call them).
Have a wonderful weekend!


StyleSpy said...

Ooh! Fantastic! And now I want ice cream!

BR blouses are the best -- they fit well and are so reasonably priced I don't feel bad when I ruin the white ones in one season.

(Okay, I feel a little bad...)

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Mmmmh, yummy ice cream...
"Lecker" as we say here in Germany ;)
Your flavor "Chocolate chip" & "Vanilla" are the perfect colorful addition for your wardrobe today!!!!


Mode Junkie said...

this outfit reminds me that i should get a hold of a crisp white shirt like you're wearing! a wardrobe staple!

looking sophisticated as ever!

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JC said...

Actually the pattern reminds me more of a favourite classic; vanilla fudge swirl! : ) I always loved that marbled effect - an extra treat while eating ice cream with a spoon, carving away the chocolate swirls.

Anonymous said...

white shirt+pencil skirt+belt+heels. Forever Classic beauty. Bravo!!!