Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On Helping Style Spy (and other bloggers) Achieve World Domination

Gorgeous Style Spy herself, featured above in a drool-worthy YSL dress ~

If you haven't already checked out the glorious list of highly-addictive blogs featured on the right side of your computer screen, do so. I've already mentioned some of my favorites: Wendy Brandes Jewelry, Nini's Style, Diabolina's Super Sweet Fashion Diary, Hanh's Life in Travel, The Little Fashion Treasury, and Miss Cavendish are all among my daily cyberspace visits. Here are a couple more that I must alert you to:

1. STYLE SPY: Style Spy provides discount deals on goodies, works in conjunction with non-profit organizations to help women in third-world countries, and highlights covetable pieces for her fellow fashionistas. But what I love most about this woman is her incredibly humorous wit and sharply-written commentaries. (She also recently posted about yours truly, but I swear this post had nothing to do with that!) She's determined to achieve world domination, and she offers a tempting gift basket to anyone willing to help her do so (visit here to find out).

2. STREET STYLE LONDON: Watch out, Scott. Polka Dot's got London covered, and she does so with a magnanimous eye, highlighting high, low, and quirky fashion--and everything in between.

Isn't Polka Dot adorable?!


The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Oh that´s so sweet, Thumbelina!
Thanks for mentioning me ;)
I´m honored to be on your blog roll!



JC said...

Oh, Thummie, I'm really moved & surprised & a bit teary, frankly. Just wrote a whole long reply to your message - on my own blog which is ridiculous! - and spent much of the morning promoting StyleSpy - sending that list out to 49 of my closest friends with a long rambling pre-coffee message about how what really matters, when it comes down to it, is a generous heart.
I don't know about you - or other bloggers - but when I first started this, I found it really intimidating to go to strangers - other, established bloggers - and ask to do a link swap. We, as women - most of us - really have a rough time self-promoting. It feels so.. unfeminine.

At first, a lot of other bloggers I approached - other street style photographers especially - didn't even have the courtesy to reply. I felt very much the outsider, the new kid on the block, and in some way threatening to them. It was people like you - and Amy of StyleSpy, and H, and so many others - and so many sweet bloggers that I keep 'meeting' every day - that really made me feel welcome into this lovely community. And it's why I continued.

Must rush out the door - into the rain - got a quota to shoot (an actual deadline - they found me thru my blog) and to meet a dear friend for lunch - but just had to thank you - sorry to do it in such a long comment but as long as it doesn't cut me off, why not!

I'm really into this theme of being a girls' girl - in light of how gleeful the (mostly female) media are getting about the idea of Brangelina going thru (alleged) rocky times, and how we're all rootin' for Jen.. I really do think there are basically two types of women, and you're clearly the right type!

I'm going to do a posting on this subject. : )


StyleSpy said...

I'm blushing! Thank you, sweetie, you're too kind.

WendyB said...

Thanks for the re-mention! I've been reading StyleSpy and now will check out the others!