Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Tux Jacket: H&M
Striped Blouse: Banana Republic
Belt: Max Azria
Jeans: Silence + Noise
Pumps: YSL

Dressing these days has been an absolute conundrum; this morning it was a frigid 45 degress, but by the afternoon, it was a balmy 70-something. I passed women on the street in high boots and winter coats and women in shorts and sandals.
Speaking of shorts...I saw the most amazing woman on the street today (unfortunately I saw her from the bus so I couldn't get a candid shot of her) wearing a black blazer, a simple white tank, short jean cut-offs (the length of the blazer just hit the bottom of the shorts), an Hermes belt and Birkin, and t-strap flats. Although this outfit was somewhat basic, she looked so chic and pulled together that I couldn't help but stare. It didn't hurt that she was gorgeous. Personally I'm a bit of a prude when it comes to showing skin--perhaps it's a result of Catholic schooling or being a teacher--so I avoid short shorts like the plague (or swine flu, take your pick). But the idea is quite tempting...


goldenmeans said...

Those shoes are gorgeous. And the jeans are too cool :) Great outfit as usual.

StyleSpy said...

Girlfriend, you deserve a black belt in belts. Nice work.

RE: shorts -- I'm a recent convert myself, as you've seen, and I can't rec enough a nice pair of tailored bermudas. Get some & wear 'em with those great saddle-brown YSL Trib sandals. Perfect!

Cosi said...

hi there -- love your style. are those ysl "croc" sort of dark brown black. if so i just got a pair last week and love them

would love some of those lower heel ysl sandals you often wear but can't find them....

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

"Masculine" was never so beautiful!
Your belt is truly an eyecatcher....Wooow ;)


Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Cosi--I know what you're talking about, but they're the black patent ones. I did try the dark brown croc ones, and they're just as good as the black ones. The shorter heeled ones can be found on the YSL website or in their stores (it's harder to find them in department stores, for some reason).

Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

so hot the juxtaposition of the buttoned up top and the unzipped ankles. yum.

take the plunge with the shorts. you would OWN it.

- your fellow recovering catholic

TLT said...

Love the strong stripes of your shirt and the belt is wonderful! It's such a sharp outfit.

The outfit on that lady you saw sounds gorgeous too! Simple, chic, and summery!

Marian said...

darling you look sharp and oh so sleek! love those pumos with those pants.
happy wknd xx

Anonymous said...

I also like that your YSL's have a lower heel (I am tall barefoot). What is the heel height on yours?

BTW - LOOOVE ur style!

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Anon--They're 4" with a 1 1/2" platform. Thanks!!