Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nude + Black + Ruby

Silk Cardigan: Banana Republic
Top with Sequin Trim: Alessandro Dell'Acqua
Necklace: Aldo
Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Platforms: YSL

I normally hate a drop-waisted look, but I couldn't resist the gorgeous sequin detailing on this substantial top (I know you can't feel it, but it's a weighty piece with multiple layers; plus, the top edges contain black slivers for contrast):

None of my shots from yesterday's outfit worked except one of the shoes. I call these my "ruby slippers":

Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.


Kristin said...

That top is gorgeous!!

Melissa~ said...

Jaja the Oz shoes!
I love it.

Hanh said...

I love this color combination. the top is gorgeous!

Brigadeiro said...

Cute ruby slippers! And your nude top is stunning!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am a new reader of your blog and you are a TRUE inspiration! I have read lots of fashion blogs, but never found a person whose sense of style is so perfect. I adore your sense of elegance and chic - yay! Thanks so much for posting great outfit ideas and information on clothes, sales, runway shows, designers, shoes, etc. Reading your blog inspired me to finally save up and buy the Armani dream suit I have wanted for years - I can say it fits perfectly and I now understand what people mean by real value - I will wear that suit for years to come. It is so comfortable and I can already tell it will keep me cool in the summer and warm in the winter - since the fabric is of such great quality.

I have a question for you - one that has puzzled me for months now: I can't find a decent opaque (non-see-through) white button down shirt of good, thick material. I am so sick of finding shirts with a great cut but poor quality material and too see-through for my taste (I prefer a very solid white color and thicker, sturdy fabric). Do you happen to know of any stores or lines where I can find some nice white work shirts? I don't mind spending more money for quality, but of course I will need to frequently replace them. Thanks so much!!!

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Hi Thumbelina.
Your gorgeous sequined top is an eyecatching dreamticket and matches so wonderful your "ruby slippers"

♡♡Happy sunny & joyful day to you!!!♡♡

Savvy Mode SG said...

cute outfit, and those slippers are darling.

JC said...

Thummie, I LOOOOVE your ruby slippers! Wow. Even the way you shot them, they look so W. of Oz. As StyleSpy already knows, I used to take my own ruby slippers everywhere with me & photograph them in various settings - rivers, etc. I once had to extract them from under a couple making out (@ least I hope that's what they were doing on them) in a club in NYC, in order to leave with a new boyfriend I'd met there.
I've got an idea I want to run by you - I"m about to post a self portrait challenge - if you'd like to donate one on a certain theme, you could be the first!

Also about to make you favourite site of the moment - not just because you were so nice about me, but because you were so nice about StyleSpy - and because you're so nice, period.

Mode Junkie said...

LOVE THE RUBY SLIPPERS. so cute. need similar ones ASAP.

click here to visit me at mode junkie!

Nini's Style said...

Love the outfit and the sequin shoes is so much.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Anon--I'll have to do more investigating, but I always purchase Banana Republic shirts. I find them pretty sturdy and somewhat opaque, but in all honesty they're not completely opaque. Here are some suggestions on dealing with this problem:

1. Wear a nude bra. You can't see it if you wear one underneath a white shirt. (Some women mistakenly think a white bra is the way to go; it only accentuates the bra that way.)

2. Wear a white camisole underneath the shirt. I usually wear a cheap one from Old Navy, which not only deals with the see-through problem but also makes the garment last longer (it soaks up the sweat instead).

I hope this helps. Let me see if I can find anything out about white shirts. And, of course, if anybody else has a solution, feel free to chime in!

gennie said...

hey thanks for the suggestion about the tea place! i might have to go check it out :) I also really like tea and sympathy for british high tea in the west village. have u been there?

Rachel said...

Dear Thumbelina,
Thank you so much for your tips about white shirts! BR is also what I wear now (with a nude bra and white camisole), but somehow, I remain unsatisfied and uninspired. (I hope this next part doesn't sound too much like a crazy old man rant) I remember my grandmother wearing beautiful hand sewn white button down shirts made by her seamstress every season with thick and perfectly opaque American cotton. I don't know if that material just isn't widely available any more, etc., but it would be my ideal to wear shirts like that. I have also considered switching fabrics, maybe going to silk or something. Any thoughts?
Thank you so much for thinking about this with me! I will keep looking also and let you know if I find anything fabulous. Again, thank you so much! Also, you can call me Rachel, better than Anonymous :)

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Rachel--Hee hee, sure :) I'll keep looking now that I have this in mind. Will report back if anything new surfaces! And thanks for the compliments about the blog :)

Nicky said...

very jealous of your lovely red slippers :)
lots of love,
nicky x x

Nicky said...

very jealous of your lovely red slippers :)
lots of love,
nicky x x

TLT said...

Ooh, I love your ruby slippers!! :) Every girl needs a pair. And the top is gorgeous... even from the picture I can tell how intricate the sequin detailing is! I also love the Aldo necklace... it pulls everything together.