Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What I Wore: Touch of Red

Bell-sleeved Blouse: Philip Lim for Gap
Necklace: Vera Wang
Skirt: Peter Som
Sandals: YSL
I rarely wear red for some odd reason, but I love the idea of a splash of red to compliment brown hues:
I'm not sure what this skirt is made of, but it has a furry feel to it. Mohair, perhaps?
I need a pair of YSLs in every color and shape...


Brigadeiro said...

Ooh! Thx for your lovely comment! I must admit I was a bit iffy about Harem pants at first, but the comfort factor, and necessity (being unable to fit any pants) bowled me over :) Now I couldn't live without them, haha!

SO many gorgeous pieces you've been posting! My favourites:

*this red necklace (GORGEOUS!)
*Luca Luca dress
*Deep in Vogue dress (HOT!)
*Chanel tweed bag (drool)

Love them all! ;)

StyleSpy said...

OOH! LOVE that necklace. Is that lucite or coral or what? Yummy!

Hanh said...

Hello Thumbelina,
How are you?.It was nice to meet you in NY, you're sweet.
I love the top and necklace, go together beautiful.
Take care,

-h said...

that necklace is FABULOUS!

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Your Vera Wang necklace is so eyecatching!!!
and your white blouse with the cute sleeves
also ... HEAVEN ;)

Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

love from head to ysl toe. i second you on the ysl in every color and style.

SwanDiamondRose said...

i can't find any contact info but have added you to my blogroll. if you like my blog will you add me? thank you :)

Brook and Lyn said...

What a probably can wear it with anything. Jeans, tank and that necklace and you are ready to go!

TLT said...

I've been in love with Vera Wang jewelry, specifically necklaces, for a little while now! I like yours a lot... the brilliant crimson color brightens up your outfit and looks great on you! Matches your pedi too :)

Jill (Polka Dot) said...

I love this blog! I'm always shooting myself in shop windows & reflections. I agree: I almost never wear red, but that touch of a little red - in the necklace and toenails works great with brown - and I love that pencil skirt. All these looks are great!