Saturday, April 4, 2009

What I Wore: Chain Gang

Knit Jacket: Vivienne Westwood
Silk Blouse: Mimi Turner
Layered Necklaces: Urban Outfitters and H&M
Corset Belt: YSL
Jeans: Blue Cult
Mary-Jane Pumps: Prada

Have a wonderful weekend!


The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Am I right I see you for the first time in jeans? I have the fear I´m wrong :=)
The color suits you so lovely and your multi-chains are a HIT!!!
Your Prada pumps have truly some amazing details at the front, eyecatching!!!

With one sentence:
MON DIEU, MADAME... you look fabulous!

Brigadeiro said...

LOVE the knit jacket and that gorgeous belt! ;)


Lea said...

love the way you're wearing those necklaces, you look so great

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Have to laugh about myself and feel ashamed ... ;)
Did I email you in my last comment I see you the first
time in jeans ? .. scrolled down your posts and ... Thumbelina wore another beautiful pair of jeans just a few days ago ... ha... ;)

Jennifer Nicole said...

I JUST found you (via and I love your sense of style! I've been trying to work with belts and other waist-cinching stuff for a while, but have such a hard time with it. I hope that RSSing your blog will help!

WendyB said...

Fabulous as always, again with a belt!

FJ said...

I do love that belt.

KT said...

I have been rocking my layered chains lately. My husband just does not get it. He asked me if I was afraid we were going to get robbed so I was wearing everything I owned.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

KT--LOL! That is hilarious!

TLT said...

I love the layered chain necklaces. They add such an edgy vibe to your outfit. And the Vivienne Westwood jacket, well it's just to die for! I've longed to own one of her pieces since forever :)