Monday, April 20, 2009

What I Wore: Thumbelina and the Golden Lace

Leather Jacket: Rick Owens
Blouse: Zara
Gold and Ruby Necklace: Satya
Lace Skirt: Prada
Tights: H&M
Platforms: YSL it's no golden fleece, but I think it's pretty damn amazing.

Satya has some wonderful Indian-inspired jewelry at reasonable prices. I adore the rich, intense color in Indian jewelry. If money were no object, I'd buy everything in Reinstein Ross's delectable store.


-h said...

beautiful skirt!

Hanh said...

Hello Thumbelina,
Your skirt is beautiful, love it....and necklace is pretty too.

miss cavendish said...

Oh yes--the beautiful Prada skirt! It's truly lovely . . .

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Good morning, Thumbelina!

This Prada skirt is such a beautiful work of art... enchanting ;)

Love also your title ;)

Fabulous Fashion Finds said...

Before even scroll down to read whose is that Lace skirt by, just looking at the nice Lace I already recognize that it is by Prada. Prada has some great Lace piece last season. Love the skirt.

TLT said...

Great skirt!!! It's such a beautiful statement piece. You make it look young, fresh, and SLEEK!