Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What I Wore: Storm

Leather Jacket: Mason
Dress: Zara
Cut-out Wedges: Fendi

I'm always amazed that Zara can churn out quality items for reasonable prices, and this particular find reminds me of old Japanese prints of the sea (happy Earth Day, by the way). The moody palette, the juxtaposition of paper-thin and thick calligraphy brush lines, and the black ties (two for the top in the back and two for the left side at the waist) all work wonderfully together in this delicate piece.
Although the weatherman promised 60 degree rainy weather, I did not expect it to be so windy and chilly. I think I was the only one outside with bare legs (I got a couple of self-righteous stares, but oh well). Yesterday's thermometer also read 60 degrees, but it was a humid, warm 60 degrees. That's NYC weather for you--two straight days of 60 degree weather can mean two completely different things.
On an unrelated note, I just found out from my eye doctor that my prescription has, YET AGAIN, worsened. Argh. I don't know about the rest of you, but I haven't experienced this "stabilization" that doctors promise when you've hit my age bracket.
Here's a shot of the back of the dress. It's hard to tell but the back dips a little, so when you tie the strips at the top, it forms a nice cut-out effect:

And my wedges (I'm trying to pay more attention to the rest of my shoes):


Anonymous said...

wow, that dress is indeed gorgeous! can't believe it came from zara.

♥Jozee said...

That's a beautiful dress. It looks a lot of a Phillip Lim dress i got last year. Very pretty. Love the black dye effect on the silk.

Hanh said...

OMG, I absolutely love the dress, the print is just beautiful, really beautiful.
Happy Earthday!

-h said...

that dress is beautiful! i think i may have seen this dress the last time i was in zara. it's absolutely beautiful.

Brook and Lyn said...

it's also freezing cold in Korea...completely packed wrong. But girls here all have massive bare legs but I'm the fool with my scarf and jacket.

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

What a beautiful dress, Thumbelina!!
Zara truly have always some amazing pieces!!

Ahh.. I´m jealous you have the Rick Owens leather jacket ;)

Anonymous said...

that's a pretty dress, i love the color combination

Jill Adams ('Polka Dot') said...

Love the dress, love the shoes.. love Zara! When they first came to NYC, some of my friends weren't too impressed, but they had already taken London by storm. The secret with Zara is they make their clothes in Spain, (where they're based), in small orders - AND each branch is in constant contact via these walkie talkies with HQ. So they literally custom make their clothes to fit each shop's needs. One branch in London might look totally different from another, depending on that area's tastes.

The bad news, tho, is it's like shopping in a used clothing store. If you see someone wear something you love and they say it's from Zara, your chances of finding that exact item are quite slim. So grab it while you can, girls! Seize the day!

Gisela said...

I know what you mean about New York weather! I mean its in the 60's but I'm freezing! lol The dress is super lovely.. When did you find it at Zara? I've been at Zara every Wednesday, that's when they ship in new merchandise, but I never saw that dress. Great Great find! BTW, would love for you to visit my blog

StyleSpy said...

Ooh, that dress is right in my wheelhouse. Very nice. We have a Zara opening here in Austin soon, I'm looking forward to seeing what they stock.

On the subj, of NM: I have two NM outlets close by me, and they have been getting some great stuf, so let me know if there's anything you want me to keep an eye peeled for.

TLT said...

I am a fan of Zara. I just posted about a white blazer I got from there, which is nice looking AND affordable! The dress looks great and I never would have guessed it was from Zara!

Jennifer Nicole said...

What a gorgeous dress. I'll have to keep my eyes on Zara.

Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

zara does have amazing stuff. doesn't cut me right, unfortunately ;(