Thursday, April 30, 2009


Leather Jacket: Rick Owens
Dress: Cynthia Steffe
Cage Belt: YSL
Tights: Unknown
Furry Pumps: Prada
What do you think: is the cage belt with the striped dress overkill? (I admit that I actually prefer "matchy-matchy" elements. Of course, sometimes it's best not to.)
These pumps are ancient, but I still love them.

A shot of the architectural heel:


Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

love.that.heel. And i am a big fan of matchy matchy and cage ANYTHING so I looooooooooves this look. a+++

-h said...

i dont care what anybody says, i LOVE the matchy matchy. (too many hitchcock movies growing up i guess).
you seriously have the BEST dresses! a grecian dress, a MUMMY!!! dress, and now a cage dress! i love the combination together.
the shoes are fabulous, a great spiked heel.

StyleSpy said...

I also struggle with my matchy-matchy impulses. I think this works. And that jacket... every time I see it I think it's a cardi and then I rad that it Owens and I think, Oh, that must be so delicious to wear, it looks so soft you could sleep in it.

polkadot (Jill Adams) said...

Not overkill at all! It's fabulous! That's a really subtle, clever blend of patterns. I love your site - and I"m so jealous. My husband won't let me put 'self portrait' shots on my blog so I think I"m going to just secretly start my own Thumbelina Fashionita-inspired blog & simply not mention it to him.
That dress, belt, heel... just gorgeous, so unique. You do have the best clothes! I'd love to see your closet : ) I picture it like Carrier's - a whole walk-thru room.

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Darling, I never saw a more beautiful cage dress. I´m jealous right now ;)
And the cage belt: It´s a shame for
Miss Steffe she forgot it for her dress ;)

HAPPY SUNNY DAY, Thumbelina!

FJ said...

Not an overkill. I love this look. The dress is exquisite. I too am pretty match matchy. I dunno. I just like to look nice and put together.

Hanh said...

wow, I'm totally in love with your dress, and amazing the heel. Have a nice weekend!

WendyB said...

It looks great -- I wouldn't change a thing!

miss cavendish said...

I'm not a matchy-matchy person, but my version of matchy-matchy would not include a cool architectural theme like this. What a fab dress, and the belt is a perfect complement!

Nini Nguyen said...

I got a pair of Prada shoes from a long time ago and it has the same heels as your pumps. I love your Cagey Cynthia Steffe dress. :)

TLT said...

I don't think the belt with the dress is too much at all! I think they actually go quite well together! The dress is BEAUTIFUL... I love anything with sheer black paneling. Somehow you manage to make it look edge and feminine all at once.