Monday, January 12, 2009

Hi-Rise Jean Heaven

Silence & Noise High-Rise Ankle Zip Twig Jean (available in black, gray, blue, purple, yellow), $58-68 at Urban Outfitters

If you've read my earlier post about the trauma that is jeans shopping, you won't be surprised that after a couple failed attempts at buying a new pair of high-rise skinnies at Barneys, I decided to be more creative with my choices. Fellow blogger Nini recently featured a gorgeous shot of herself wearing Urban Outfitters jeans, an option that would never have occurred to me. I nearly went bonkers when I noticed that they have a plethora of high-rise options (in addition to the typically maddening predominance of low-risers and a good deal of mid-risers too). Dragging my husband with me on a rare joint shopping expedition (I prefer to shop alone, but I needed some moral support), I decided to boldly try on everything high-rise in an assortment of sizes. Armed with my pile of goodies, I tried them on. These Silence & Noise jeans fit me perfectly, unlike some J Brand jeans I tried on recently. The subtle but edgy ankle zip initially worried me, but they fit just right--and I'm 5'4". (Yay! No need to alter them!) I was so thrilled I bought two--one in black and one in gray. Finally--inexpensive jeans that fit well. I've entered jean heaven.


WendyB said...

Wow, I'm impressed by something that doesn't need alterations. That's rare!

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

UPDATE: You MUST wash these separately first because the color runs. It sucks, but at least it retains its color afterwards.

Amol said...

I, myself, completely understand your jean shopping trauma. As a bigger person, I usually get quite frustrated when trying to find proper fitting or good looking jeans, usually because they are too long (needing alterations), too tight or too big, with hours of frustration to only end up with either nothing or one pair of jeans or something totally different. I am glad that's off my chest but also that you found a wonderful pair of jeans. They look amazing from the pic. I remember only seeing you once in jeans over the summer and we were all surprised to see you as such.