Sunday, January 25, 2009

YSL Animal-Effect Belt

(I apologize for the small photo. You can see it better on the YSL website.)

I just bought this gold belt, which is actually a series of metal pieces fastened together. I can't wait to wear it with everything from cream jackets to black dresses. At first, I was slightly annoyed when I heard that it came in only one size, but it's an adjustable piece and can sit high on the waist if you're slender. (If you're above a size 4-6, there will be a gap between the metal pieces and the metal thread. You could still wear it, but it depends if you like the look.) I also tried on the silver belt below, but it came in long metal strips instead of individual pieces, and I felt it was too heavy:

Oddly enough, it sits high on this model's waist, but it doesn't in real life. The salesperson told me it's meant to sit low around the hip. Its lack of adjustability and higher price also made me walk away from it, even though it looks lovely in the photo. I'm also coveting this gorgeous blue dress--I'll have to wait until it goes on sale!


WendyB said...

That model's waist looks insanely small!

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Hi Thumbelina Fashionista.

I LOOVE this name!
Just wanna say a short hello, I came across your blog when reading Nini´s blog.


Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Martina--Thanks for stopping by! I love visitors and comments!

WendyB--I know. I wonder if she eats.