Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hussein Chalayan

Hussein Chalayan Bonded Jersey Gillet, $1,275 at Eluxury

Hussein Chalayan Silk Drape Insert Dress, $940 at Eluxury

For a company that's purportedly going out of business, Eluxury certainly knows how to send mixed signals, starting with showcasing new designers that its clientele is sure to drool over with undeniable lust. Although I'm not too familiar with this British Turk, I'm a quick study, and after perusing some of his previous collections, I'm also in love. These two glorious pieces are soft yet architectural, and they fit completely with the springy Spring mood that's about to descend upon us as soon as we thaw from this deep freeze we're in.
Check out this incredible video highlighting the designer's last fifteen years in the business on


WendyB said...

Cool stuff. I like Chalayan.

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