Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Uniforms

Photo Credit: The Sartorialist

While I relish the ease and freedom of summer, I dislike dressing for the hot stickiness of summer. Most of my clothes tend to be ornate, heavy, and formal--perfect for the cold wintry months but the very antithesis of easy summertime dressing. With only three pairs of shorts in my closet (I need to buy more shorts!), I find myself limited to a couple of summer uniforms: a) a thin dress and sandals and b) a shirt (preferably collarless, like the one above), shorts, belt, and gladiator flats.

What about you? What is your summer uniform?


WendyB said...

I was forced to buy two pairs of shorts recently. The 100 degree weather wore me down.

Prêt à Porter P said...

lots of cotton and maxi dresses.

Mode Junkie said...

i just wrote a post about how i hate summer. i really don´t know what to wear. my summer uniform must be a plain white top and shorts. that´s it. cannot get more boring than that!

i miss you babe! how´s everything going?


Nancy said...

Summer in San Francisco: sweater, jeans, coat, scarf, boots.

Winter in San Francisco: ditto.

marian said...

love her look, so effortless. For me I find myself drifting toward lighter fabrics with lighter coloured hues.
adore this post

vitaMinn style said...

My summer staple is very similar to this! I accumulated lots of shorts in different colors while in Aus. It was out of necessity to survive the 90-100F summer months there. Now you gave me an idea for a new post. =)

PS - every considered joining us on Twitter? ;) Martina, Anna, WendyB are there too. It's really fun and unlike blogging where it's so much commitment, tweeting isn't at all! Martina & Anna are both thriving there!! =)

Style Odyssey said...

i don't have a summer uniform. but i'm thinking it should be loose shirt-dresses.
i really like what this woman is wearing, especially those two colors together.

Miss Cavendish said...

A floaty, sleeveless dress with bare sandals, please. I cannot bear the waistband of shorts in hot weather! (Am a perpetually overheated Canadian who is most at home by the [Atlantic] ocean.)