Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Handbags: The Beige Rage

Beige, camel, honey--Fall is all about the latest "it" color.

Marc by Marc Jacobs: Classic Q "Hillier" Tote: I've seen this bag all over town, but this particular shade has charmed me like no other.

Gucci Suede 1973 Medium Shoulder Bag: Gucci, like other designers recently, has come out with a line of vintage-inspired bags that manage to look fresh, not staid.

Balenciaga "Day" Bag in Seigle: If I hadn't just bought a Balenciaga, I would be seriously tempted to purchase this beauty.

Which one strikes your fancy?


WendyB said...

The Balenciaga by a mile!

Asset Management Melbourne said...

I love the Gucci one really classic looking.

Yaary said...

i love all of these bags! specially the first one ;)

Miss Cavendish said...

I like the Balenciaga, minus the dangly bits!

Lee Oliveira said...

The Marc Jacobs one is great. I love this colour also. Actually they are all great. Love your style.

Lee x

cocktail of fashion said...

I love wearing beige bags in the summer time. I actually bought a really cute vintage beige studded bag the other day & i can not wait to wear it.

oh as for these bags, i would have the Balenciaga any day :-)

p.s i bought a similar type of ring from Portobello market & only cost me about £10!

vitaMinn style said...

It's a tie for me between the Balenciaga and the Marc Jacobs! Although the Marc Jacobs edges a teeny wee bit coz it would look better with my work outfits! =)

Though, if the Balenciaga has a City Bag in the same color, then it would break the tie!

Also, agree with Miss Cavendish -- minus the fringy bits =)

Marian said...

a beige bag is such a classic for summer!
great picks

janettaylor said...

Gucci, please! Amazing! :)

Faye said...

I love the first bag and the balenciaga ofcourse!:)