Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Rise of Falling Hemlines

Photo from Jak & Jil

Louis Vuitton fall 2010 Runway

Rachel Comey dress, available at Saks

Marion Cotillard at the Premiere of Inception

Marc Jacobs fall 2010 Runway

After what seems to be an interminable obsession with miniskirts, the fashion pendulum has swung again to embrace the longer hemline of 1950s aesthetics. Fashion editorials recreating the idyllic tongue-in-cheek idealism of Leave It To Beaver abound, announcing yet another reason for women to shop. But while this new conservatism is a refreshing directional change (I am the first to admit that I was tiring of the hard-edged rocker chick look), I am reminded of something that George Taylor, a Wharton School of Business economist, noticed in the 1920s: when hemlines rise, so does the economy.

The converse, according to Taylor, also applies, which, if we were to follow his "Hemline Theory," indicates that the fashion gods have predicted an upcoming economic slump. While fall collections tend to be darker, more subdued than spring collections on average, it's hard to deny the newfound classic quietness that dominated the shows. Whether this change is a result of sobering fiscal harbingers or fickle fashion fatigue, it's unclear how many women will embrace this slightly awkward hem length and how and when fears about the economy will fall away.


Prêt à Porter P said...

I remember the shorter hemline = better economy theory too. But I also would think that a lower hemline, means more fabric, which means more expensive. When Christian Dior unveiled "The New Look" there was an outcry against the use of so much fabric at a time when people had grown so used to rationing.

I think Marion looks beautiful. Such a classic look. On a tangent, but in my opinion, when Victoria Beckham dresses like that is when she looks her best, much better than her "WAG" mini skirt phase.

vitaMinn style said...

Marion looked very classy in that piece, is it a Dior? If I have to do this hemline, I'll do it the same way, as a sheath dress type, or anything that hugs the curves a bit. I think any other cut would make me swim in too much fabric and would overwhelm my petite size. =)

Nice to see you blogging again!

WendyB said...

Always excited when you do a new post!