Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Taking Cues

After neglecting all of my dainty jewelry for some time now, I decided to follow fellow blogger Marian--who is the queen of mixing and matching jewelry--and stack my bracelets for a chunky, funky vibe. Individually, each piece runs the risk of seeming too precious in today's hard-nosed fashion climate; together, they add a certain heft that works to neutralize some of my more feminine looks.

How about you: which bloggers have influenced your style or given you an idea, which you have implemented?

Queen Marian demonstrating here how it's done

On my way to the Nuyorican Poets' Cafe in the Lower East Side for the Moth Story Slam, I passed by this droll metallic sculpture garden. The garden itself was gated, so I had to stick my camera through the bars to get some shots.

For those of you who don't know, The Moth, a not-for-profit organization, hosts regular story slams in different venues around the city. Storytellers must prepare a concise 5-minute story on a particular theme (last night's theme was food) and submit their names in a hat before the show begins. Ten names are randomly selected throughout the night. Judges rate them on various criteria (my friends and I were selected last night to judge!), and the winners from each slam go on to the Grand Slam for a final showdown. The stories were hilarious, poignant, ironic, and well crafted--everything that reminds you why people love a good story told face to face.

A shot of the interesting artwork (which reminds me a little of William Blake's art) and various scalped heads

The eager and cheerful crowd before showtime. All I can say is fire hazard!


The Little Fashion Treasury said...

... and here comes the new QUEEN OF ACCESSOIRES FROM THE US... her Royal Highness "Queen Thumbelina".
Marian is always amazing with her fabulous mix of accessoires!
I can see your enchanting Van Cleef & Arpels braceket and a David Yurman bangle?

Which bloggers have influenced my style/idea?
That a difficult question. I guess somehow all of you ;) It´s always amazing to see something completely new or something you already saw somewhere else and you was not sure if you wish to get your hands on it, too... something which is not your style and looks so great on another person... etc. pp... ;)

Have a beautiful day!!!
Here in Germany it´s already time to go to beddy-byes!!!

Kat said...

Love the idea of stacking jewelry as well...your silver(?)pieces look chic as a group!

I think I'd like to join The Moth, too..seems like a great way to hang out.

modediktat said...

Hola chica,
I thought I entered the wrong url in the beginning. Hello? Marian? Is it you? :) LOL!
She is a true gem! I love her as a person who is taking very much care of her fellow fashionistas. She is a very special and outstanding beauty and I admire her and her styling very much! Marian is very unique.
So - very good decision to follow her as she is giving some fantatsic inspiring looks! As I can see it was falling on the right ground - and the new plant mixed of both ladies of style is nothing more and nothing less than TERRIFIC! Love the way you wear your several bracelets! They look HUGE together!
So apart from you (nobody can wear Couture-like items better in daily life than you), the one who inspired me obviously most is Lucrecia. Caroline Feber isn't bad either ;) Marian is always a fresh breathe of air. I love Deanne very much and Iyam who is a real rock babe.

WendyB said...

Both you and Marian are missing WendyB jewelry. I frown upon this situation, nay, emergency.

modediktat said...

Hehe, we've crossed commenting on each others blog :-D So much fun!
Glad you enjoyed reading, dear! WHAAAAA? You've met Fran Drescher????? Oh my god.... I love her sooo, sooo much! If I would met her I would hug her leg like little children do with their parents legs. Yeah, weirdo, right? But I'm not getting tired of watching the Nanny... That was something I've loved to share with my sister... She had the same sweet hairline like Fran. Oh man...
You were into CB, too?? :-D Join the club! Lynn was asking me about Rainbow Brite - yes. My little Pony - no (was maybe the only thing, I've catched only a few cards but not the album). WWF - yes. Barbie - yes. Oh no, it's getting more weird. Will finish now before it's getting too spooky for you! ;-P

vitaMinn style said...

I also have been stacking my mom's gold bracelets lately and you're so right - surprisingly enough, on their own, it's too blingy, but together, it's a bit edgy!

About the person that inspires me lately? Need I answer that?!?! YOU!! I think it's TOO obvious already and borderline embarrassing on my part!

...Please don't think I'm creepy, I promise I'm a fun person in real life!! =)

Lynn said...

hi there! i think i neglected bracelets. i have more rings and necklaces but im lacking in bracelets :(. more excuses to shop!

good idea in stacking random bracelets together.. makes it more interesting visually. it might work with necklaces too, right?

hope you are having a FUN week!

little fish said...

the bracelets are so so pretty> Exp love your Van cleef, so lovely

Gisela said...

gorgeous jewelry! and yes Marian is amazing at mixing her pieces, love her blog! I haven't been to the poet's cafe in years! goodness I must go back and that garden, I giggle everytime I see it.. Anastasia from heavy metal fashion I love for her rockin looks, also style scientist and ms. little fashion treasury, sometimes I swear we have the exact same! PS: would love to know if you decided on the bkt or japanese straightening :-)

xtinagirl said...

That sounds like so much fun! I love a good crowd :)

I definitely had fun at the fashion show! The only downfall was I stood up a lot and I was wearing tall shoes that I hadn't broken into yet. Hurt so bad!

I really enjoy how your blog isn't just about clothes, it also has things you do and random cool things! Love it.


lovecoutureluxe said...

You have just reminded me to do so with my jewelry!!! I have so many which I can stack up but I'm just so scared my thin wrists wouldn't be able to hold the weight, LOL!

xx Adeliet

Marian said...

Darling you are far too kind! What a super lovely mention/feature, i am so so so honoured as all i have ever done with accesories is just throw on a mix of pieces that im incredibly drawn,others have history or a story. I really sincerly am honoured. I will make sure to put link of mention in my next post.
Thank you darling!

Nini's Style said...

Hi Thumbelina,
How are you?
I love the ways you layering the soft elegant David Yurman with something hard and I love that bike in the garden.

Dream Sequins said...

I love the way you've stacked those bracelets. And Marian's accessorizing is so brilliant. I keep meaning to do this, too, but I guess I lack the creativity to go for it!

cocktailofashion said...

I love how you have stacked all those different types of bracelets! And yes, Marian is one very lovely person and she has amazing style.

I guess i have been influenced by a lot of lovely fashion bloggers in their unique styles.

Have a lovely weekend!

p.s i love your blog so i have added you to my links :)

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Hi Thumbelina.

Oh you are so welcome.
As it´s already 0.20am here I´ll do the measurement for you directly tomorrow morning. the shows are actually comfortable to wear but fitted around the toe part. i wear normally size 40.5 and only sometimes 41, ordered them in 41 and they fine for me.

will keep you posted tomorrow ;)

good night to yoouuu!!!

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Hi Thumbelina.

Here I am again with the measurement you requested.
The heels are 4" but I don´t have the feeling to walk in 4" heels when wearing them.
Maybe I can tell you more when I wore them a little bit longer and not for just a few steps around, the front part is maybe a little bit narrow!

Hope this was helpful!!

Enjoy your weekend!!!!

mom & son said...

good afternoon, thumbelina!
i used of having problem wearing bracelets.
i felt so uncomfortable. i dunno why.
but today, after seeing your wrist piling with
bracelets, i want to wear mine too.

marian is so stylish and she has a nice blog too.

ok, have a great weekend!

style odyssey said...

your blog is fabulous! i just found it when Jill of StreetStyleLondon commented on a post i did featuring, in one pic, my silver stacked bracelets( she mentioned you had a similar look going on, and i checked it out...looks great! i like how you've personalized your outfit by adding several very different bracelets.

and in a subsequent post: that fendi bag is a stunner. i am not normally a fan of fendi, but seeing it with an outfit--the appeal is obvious! very nice.

Anonymous said...

i would love to see a close up of your wedding ring/engagement ring. it looks lovely (albeit from a distance).

TLT said...

YOU are definitely one blogger that helps influence my style! Whenever I look at your blog, you posts and your delightful outfits make me want to look a little more pulled together and sophisticated!! :)

hayleysherie said...

i love stacking all my bangles together! you can also take any 32" necklace and wrap it five times around your wrist to get a multiple bracelet vibe! try it!

Patty Ann said...

I really like that idea! Stacking mismatched bracelets. It has this down-to-earth vibe so the whole looks is more effortless looking! xx!