Thursday, August 27, 2009

So Tragic

Chloe Sevigny in the June 2009 issue of Elle US
My hunt for these spectacular Oscar de la Renta pre-fall gold-studded booties has left me empty-handed. (I apologize for the small picture; I can't find a close-up of these!) Not a single NYC vendor, including the Madison Avenue Boutique, sells them.

On the Pre-fall Runway Show
Has anyone seen these?!


dot said...

Will keep an eye out for those or something similar. It's weird, that was never my style, but I am having a craving for black heeled booties with gold hardware. Shot a wild & weird pair in the Guiseppe window in London on Monday, will post & let you know when it's up. It's not exactly this, but they do have similar styles.

Enough chit chat, better get back to work! : )

Sang said...

i gotta say, those studded booties are everywhere, and they are a beauty. i bet a lot of women are looking for them just now- probably why they're sold out..
but don't give up! keep searching.

and i'm glad to hear that you enjoy painting! :]
i always mess up when i use paint, that's why i use markers;] painters are my absolute admiration!

-h said...

maybe they ended up not being produced...??? or maybe you could get one of the SAs to put you on a wait-list for them...?

i gotta say i love that big chunky chain necklace she's wearing. i always loved the chain necklace or bracelet look. i dont pull it off so well, but im such a sucker for that look.

Kat said...

Good evening Thumbelina! Did a bit of google search for the fabulous booties to no avail. haha! And I'm sure you've already done a lot of online search as well.

Love the gold studs on black shoes...very classy and 'rock-star' at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! That is certainly a tragedy since I am sure you would ROCK them. They're beautiful.

WendyB said...

I was going to say what -h said!

vitaMinn style said...

Hi Thumbelina!

One thing's for sure: it's NOT here in Minnesota! So I'm no help there! =)

Goodluck on your search!! =)

little fish said...

The boots really rock !!! I am sure one day you will get these..! Good luck to you! Sorry that I cant help you because I am not from US..but will wish you will get them one day!

Wish you have a happy weekend!

modediktat said...

Oh dear....
I can so much share this feeling....
That's the song which is passing my head almost always when I can't find an item I'm hunting for! Hehe...
I'm so sorry that you didn't find them yet!
The boots are truly fantastic. And more versatile than the GUCCI babouska open toe golden studded booties I'm craving for....
The ETRO studded wedges are from SS08, I have two sizes left - which is yours??
Wishing you a wonderful and goooorgeous weekend!!!!
xoxo sofie

Patty Ann said...

I read the heading 'so tragic' and then looked at the picture. Before I got to the part about your search for the shoes, I was like, are you serious, that outfit and the SHOES are incredible!!! Hahhaha, and then I read your story. That is too bad! Gosh they look really nice, even from a small picture! Good luck finding them, I'll let you know if I spot them anywhere! xx

cocktailoffashion said...

Hi Thumbelina,

Those studded boots are gorgeous but i haven't really seen them anywhere in London!

I was in Harvey Nichols but i didn't see them! I keep an eye for you just in case they happen to be in Harrods!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and good luck on the search for the booties!

Gisela said...

OMG! don't you just hate that when it happens! I mean, why adverstise if the item is not easily available! I'm on the hunt for those Burberry Prorsum laceup sneaker booties and they do not have them in the flagship store but they will call me when they get'em, year right. It makes me mad! Good luck finding them! and yes, Maury and I would love to meet you when I return. Maybe we can do lunch and take pics :-))

cocktailoffashion said...

Hi again! :)

The Stellas are so comfortable because they have the hidden platform! And again, i always wear 5 inch heels everyday so i am an expert when it comes to walking in heels ;)

Marian said...

darling those booties are delightful,such a beauty! Have you tried ebay and other main departmental stores in other states. Also try the contacting the deisgners directly to locate a pair.
I hope you find them sugar!

Lynn said...

thumbelina, they are gorgeous! im sure you'll find them soon. maybe you can contact your SA at barneys or saks so that they can keep an eye out for you! it's one of those items you just HAVE to HAVE!

have a great monday!

Dream Sequins said...

Call Oscar ;) Actually, if you call their sales agents, they might be able to help you. They're delicious, especially on Chloe!

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Hi Thumbelina!

Oh... this is a TRAGEDY!!!
These booties are truly a DREAMTICKET!!!

Unfortunately Oscar de la Renta is so hard to find here!
Wish I would be able to help!
Keep my fingers cross for you and I´m sure you will get your hands on them if you wish to have them so badly!

Will keep my eyes and ears open!

Have a beautiful day!!!

TLT said...

I'll keep an eye out! They're gorge!!!