Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Studded Cuffs

Dress and Belt: Max Azria
Cuff: Hermes
Pumps: YSL
Although the rocker chic trend that's popular for fall may seem at odds with professional clothing, one can wear studded accessories without resembling Ozzie Osbourne's groupie. I love the edge of a studded cuff with a more traditional sheath for an unexpected but professional look.

Some Options:
1. CC Skye Triple Stud Cuff: The white leather is polished, but the gold studs are tough:

2. VITA Como Double Wrap Hexagon Bracelet: The smaller studs are subtle but strong:

3. Stephen Webster Superstud Silver Cuff (available at Saks): An investment piece, this beauty will be as versatile as it is wearable:


modediktat said...

Hey Miss Thumbelina,
how was your day so far? As I've told you - one day closer to the next weekend... :-P hehe...
LOL - Ozzie Osbourne's groupie... Imagine!! X-D
Your outfit is gorgeous, your Max Azria dress is BOMB! And your Hermes cuff is.... YUMMY!!!
The first cuff reminds me on those large studded Givenchy items/jackets... Great look! The third silver cuff by Stephen Webster is my personal highlight! Would go for this one!!
Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a Zip A Dee Doo Dah day in NYC!
much love, sofie

goldenmeans said...

Ah, the Medor is so lovely on you! :) I love studs. I was just considering buying a studded cuff from Tory Burch the other day..

Kat said...

Love studs and your Hermes cuff is a WOW! What a great accessory

WendyB said...

Belt queen! You make everything look so elegant.

vitaMinn style said...

In my dreams tonight, I'll be wearing those Hermes cuff!! You mind if I borrow? I'll return it before you wake up tomorrow, I promise! =)

Lynn said...

i love your cuff! you did good in pairing it with your feminine dress.

i think your dress deserves another post. i love the details!

and also, i just posted about our sunday meeting :)

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Good morning, Thumbelina!

So after being the "Queen of belts" you are now
the "Queen of cuffs" ;)
You lucky girl have this ever-stylish Hermes "Collier de Chien" cuff!!!
I have the matching belt for a little eternity on my wishlist ;)

Just took a few minutes ago a look at Lynn´s blog to read about your "bubble tea meet-up"!

Wishing you a wonderful sunny day ahead!!!
Beautiful Blessings to you...

Marian said...

loving this post on studded cuffs! love them added to my mishmash of jewellery. adoring your hermes one darlind and it does add a punch to your sleek outfit. the Stephen webster one is amazing!!!

Nini's Style said...

How are you doing sweetie?
The cuff that you're wearing is 2d4 LOVE LOVE LOVE. The Stephen Webster Superstud Silver Cuff is beautiful as well.
Hope you're having a wonderful day,

H said...

I love the outfit and the three cuffs you picked.

My personal favourite designer when it comes to cuffs is Helene Zubeldia. I have some of her cuffs and they are gorgeous - I think you would like some of her pieces.

lovecoutureluxe said...

Totally love the last cuff!! It's amazing! Thanks for leaving feedback on my blog! We're both CDC sisters! I love Hermes collier bangles!!

xx Adeliet

WendyB said...

OT: LOL, thanks for reminding me about Anne Klein.

xtinagirl said...

I love the cuffs! I just saw one on SAYM that I adore. I think it's made by Miu Miu? Super cute.


proudly says, said...

hi thumbelina!
your outfit and accessories are so gorgeous!
have a greatt day ahead!

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Hi Thumbelina!

Oh you are so welcome!
I already emailed the Marant Store in Paris but they do not ship them!
Andrea, a friend, was so nice and provided me the following website (she also sent me an awesome photo of Lindsay Lohan wearing them, I will show it in one of my next posts so you can see the photo ;)

Sooo .. you can preoder the booties here:

Lots of hugs to you!!!

Anonymous said...

These cuffs are amazing. This is so funny that you posted this because I have been hunting for studed bracelets and accesories for a while now. THEY ARE SO IN! Anyway, thanks for this post.

TLT said...

The Stephen Webster studded cuff is fabulous!!!! I'm so in love with it. I can't stop staring!!! Such an outstanding piece!

style odyssey said...

oh my goodness, i've been wanting a black and gold hermes stud cuff!
i tried on that stephen webster cuff (it coordinates w/ my black onyx & stud webster ring) but it was way to large and heavy for my wrist. *big sigh*

Anonymous said...

Where did you buy that Max Azria belt? I've been looking for a long time for it. It looks great on you!

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Anon: I bought that belt a couple of seasons ago, but you can get one that looks similar to it at BCBG.