Monday, August 31, 2009

If Booties Went To Heaven...

...they'd look like these Chanel lovelies, complete with chain detailing, a sweet bow, a wearable 3" heel, and the cap-toed interlocking Cs! In all honesty, Chanel shoes (and Prada/Miu Miu ones) are enormously wearable and impeccably made. Although Chanel will, like other designers, create sky-high heels, the brand still makes comfortable shoes every season for the practical fashionista. (These booties are made with a cushion right at the arch for extra support!)
Thanks for the sweet comments about the MIA Oscar booties. I do find it odd that they weren't "purchased" by any of the Oscar boutiques. Please let me know if you espy them anywhere!
I was tempted to call this post "Teachers Everywhere Are Suffering From a Mild Depression" because I go back to school this Wednesday. It's always sad to say goodbye to a deliciously long, carefree summer (although I do work every summer, it does not compare to the usual stresses of a typical school year). Last night I finally went to see the last production of Euripides' The Bacchae, playing at the Delacorte Theatre (Shakespeare in the Park's second play of the summer). The parallels between that gruesome play and my HBO addiction True Blood are uncanny! And what's particularly odd is that someone screamed in the audience after the character on stage did--only to ask for help. A commotion ensued, and when we were exiting the theatre, we saw an ambulence on its way. I can only hope that that person was okay.
Enjoy the last remaining days of summer!


janettaylor said...

only a word: AMAZING!


Patty Ann said...

Totally agreed. These shoes are amazingly chic yet totally wearable. I'm with you about 3 inch heels. I have the hardest time finding heels that aren't 4.5 inches high (or usually higher). When I find something I like that's 3inches, I try to get it in multiple colors, because they are so hard to come by!

Lynn said...

hi thumbelina! these are beautiful! i did not see these on the barney's sale coz i looked and looked and i could not find any that catched my fancy. do they still have these in 38 or 38.5s??

yeah, the play was pretty gruesome but it did not disturb me that much. so somebody in the audience got freaked out? wow. but how did you find the play nonetheless?

we're still on for dinner tomorrow right? :)

vitaMinn style said...

..and while these booties are still here on earth, the lovely Thumbelina is their guardian angel and fairy godmother! =)

I can't believe summer is already almost over, I felt like what we had here cannot be properly called "summer". =(

Kat said...

Hello Thumbelina! I love your new Chanel booties...very elegant, chic, and wearable. The details are WOW! Excited to see you wearing them!

NY is many great things to see! I haven't seen a single True Blood episode, but from what I've been reading about it, I think it's something I'd get addicted to. No HBO though, but they are on my Netflix!

Haha! I do get that 'teacher depression thing'...I was a teacher for many years!

Have a good week!

Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

love love the chain detail!!!!

see you in NY!!!


-h said...

honestly the CCs ruin it for me a little bit. either the CCs or the bow, not both. nevertheless, they are absolutely lovely.

StyleSpy said...

Mmmmmmm, those are delicious. Way better than Prozac or treating that depression, huh?

WendyB said...

I swear, half the time when I go to the theater, there's some kind of health emergency. Thank God, not mine so far.

Nini's Style said...

Love the shoes Thumbelina !!!
I can't wait to see you and everyone in NY.

little fish said...

The Chanel Booties are so beautiful!!

Love every details of the booties

xtinagirl said...

Those are so cool! :) I love all the details!


Anonymous said...

Those boots are are spectacular! I can't wait to see these with an outfit!

Anonymous said...

happy teacher's day! The Chanel booties are so precious!

Miss Neira said...

chanel booties just know how to make me smile..theyre amazing

Dream Sequins said...

The booties are pretty awesome. Me like!

As for saying goodbye to the carefree days of summer... I think we all feel that way, even us working drones... :)

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Hello Thumbelina.

Oh these Chanel booties are so adorable!
How cute with the little black bow and the chain details are showstopping!
They are so "you" ;)

Keep my fingers cross for your Oscar de la Renta "Dreamtickets"

Enjoy the last days of summer, Thumbelina!!!

cocktailoffashion said...

Hi Thumbelina,

wow, these Chanel booties are awesome! i love the chain detail on them!

I keep my eyes open for the Oscar de la Renta boots for you!

Have a great week ahead!!

Anonymous said...

Love, LOVE these. :) I"m addicted to ankle booties right many pairs of black boots does one need? A fringed pair, a low heeled pair, a peep toe pair, a strappy pair...the list goes on and on!

Kat said...

Hi there! Yep, going to New York the City...haha!...well, a bit of side trip to New Jersey to see some kin, if we still can.

I'd love to meet you and Lynn of course! Just very shy to ask...and I really dunno how to get around your city, so I'm worried about where to meet up. I'm going to be a complete tourist while I'm know what I mean.

We can go for bubble tea? haha! Tell me when's best for you.

Thank you!

miss cavendish said...

Very feminine. I start school on Wednesday too, alas. I miss long summer days of reading and thinking already!

Lluviaschick said...

very cute booties

tam pham said...

one word: AMAZING.

Kristin said...

Wow, what I wouldn't do for those pretties!

phi s t y l e said...

The chain detail is brilliant. A great mix of classic and edgy!

and True Blood is also my new addiction! I was Team Bill at the beginning but have been converted to Team Eric. =)

phi s t y l e said...

oh and i just added you to my blog! =)

dot said...

They're so weird and so unlike Chanel, and yet I can't help but love them. I am becoming bootie obsessed & will be posting on it soon as I've spotted signs already on the London streets. Girls are also finding interesting ways of shopping their closet (who just told me that phrase? I love it!) and adapting things into bootie-like footwear.

Such an unfortunate word. But if the shoe fits, right?

WISH I MET YOU IN TOWN!! Next time : )


dot said...

p.s. I am having the end of summer blues SO bad. AND we're jet lagged still! I had a similar ambulance spotting recently (in the Hamptons, I posted about it) & with everything in life that you can google these days, I wish I could find out if the girl is okay.

It's uncanny: we often do have a very similar sensibility.

Marian said...

amazing, chic and delish to look at!
Chanel is utterly divine

Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

looooooooooooove the booties.

i'm coming to new york next month mama. would LOVE to meet/shop/drink with you.

email me por favor.


Nika said...

those shoes are darlin'