Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Shape of Things

Jacket: Ya-Ya
Blouse: Lemon
Skirt: Prada
Sandals: Givenchy (gotta get my money's worth)
You may remember this skirt from an earlier post, but if not, it was A-lined and several inches longer. Here I am wearing it a few months ago:
Although I have a considerable number of A-line skirts, I've been drawn to the pencil shape for some time now--which is why I decided to change the shape of this skirt. It's always felt a little too long, but more importantly, the lace had the potential of looking too dowdy for its own good.
In my "shop your closet" post, I talked about the possibility of altering one's clothes as a way of breathing new life into the garment. But it's important to consider these points before doing so:
1. Make sure you know what you want before you go to the tailor. (I'm reminded of the time I went to the hairdresser with no definite idea in this day I have been regretting that decision.) Although your tailor certainly has good ideas, sometimes in your insecurity you cave to whatever your tailor suggests--and you may regret it. Think it through carefully before you allow someone else to put scissors to your clothes.
2. Consider whether you want this alteration to be permanent. In a hemming job, you don't have to necessarily commit to the length if you expressly tell the tailor to keep the material (he/she would simply fold the material up and sew it down). One day, you may want it longer again, and it's quite simple to undo the sewing to lengthen the garment. Other jobs, such as tapering an item, are often permanent. Make sure you have an informed conversation with your tailor.
3. Always try on the garment with the tailor present. Even if you pin the garment to the appropriate place, it may not actually be the exact length you wanted or indicated. The tailor has his/her method for indicating the appropriate changes.
4. Speak up if something is too tight or not tight enough, or if the length bothers you--even if it's a fraction of an inch difference. Also feel free to speak up if an alteration job is not to your satisfaction. Recently, after my tailor took in a pair of jeans, I noticed some gaping fabric in the back. I asked him to redo it (and he did it at no extra charge).
5. Shop around. My dry cleaners can clean clothes fine, but the tailor who works there is quite bad. As a result, I patronize a tailoring-only business that also works with the top fashion houses during Fashion Week. They're not cheap--but I know that I'm getting quality service. Remember that simple jobs can often be done at a local dry cleaners, but for more complicated jobs (and with delicate or ornate clothing) you may want to go to a professional.
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lovecoutureluxe said...

Very very nice outfit, babe! I love the prada lace skirt and the givenchy cowboy heels!! Awesome pairing up -- very girly yet edgy! Good job!

Love, Adeliet

Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

It's so sweet to see your Givenchy boots. Love them so much and you wear them beautiful.

Love you pair with lace Prada skirt! and your balleriana dress as well.


goldenmeans said...

that skirt looks *great* w/ a pencil cut, i like it so much better than when it was an a-line (and i have a serious thing for a-line skirts ;) ). that ya-ya jacket is also way adorable. thanks for the tailoring tips!

WendyB said...

Nice job! For anyone in NYC,I recommend Jean at Ghost Tailor for all alteration needs!

Kat said...

Hi there Thumbelina! Good work on the skirt. I've done lots of hemming on my clothes as well...I'm petite, so I think it's better I show some legs.

Good post.

Anonymous said...

what a difference the skirt looks!
That was really good idea to alter A-line to straight. Sometime even 1/2 inch of length( skirt/pants/jacket) makes real difference of garment.
Great advice as usual!

gennie said...


that's so funny you saw me last week on 34th street. I think I was just at the gym on Friday morning and was running some errands around that area so I probably looked like a hot mess. lol :)

p.s. love the nude givenchy shoes! i'm so into nudes right now for some reason.

modediktat said...

Hey gorgeous,
how are you?? I'm so sorry for being away for such a long time - but there was no energy left for anything... Flat batteries... ;)
I'm very happy that I'm back and to visit my favorite ladies and their wonderful blogs and to get in touch with the world again.
Now, coming to your magnificent outfit! I liked your Prada skirt in your previous posting, too. But now it's just tremendous! There was something about the former shape which didn't "fit" into present day. Now you've found the PERFECT shape and cut! It looks stunning! The Givenchy open toe boots are the bomb and they're matching the entire outfit so very beautiful!
I had to laugh out loud when I read your points and remember about one of my "why did i shut my mouth" experiences at a tailor ten years ago or so. I've wanted to alter a beautiful red dress. At least to shorten it. The beautiful dress ended up as: belt - formerly known as dress. This tailor was pretty old and obviously needed some glasses..... Or a wife. Whatsoever.
I'm sending you many, many hugs, sweetie. Have a wonderful & hopefully sunny weekend!


I love the shoes and it's color!

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Hi Thumbelina!
You or better to say also your tailor did a great job with the new length of your skirt... and your Givenchy DREAMTICKETS are a perfect addition.
Nude/Gold or in your older post nude/black... LOVE THAT MIX OF COLORS!!! and you have beautiful black hair which is another great "addition" ;)

Just a little story about my Lanvin ballerinas and a shoemaker:
He just had to resole them and when I got them back a few days later they had a 0.5" heel ;)

Happy sunny relaxing weekend to you!!!
Hugs from..

Kat said...

And thanks, besides sharing with us your style, for the link!

Nini's Style said...

This is great tips Thumbelina. I wish more bloggers would do more tips and interesting things like you have on your blog.
Love the lace Prada skirt.

Lynn said...

hi there! it was very brave of you to alter the precious skirt! but what amazing results! i like it better with the new cut. i have a couple of clothes that i need altering as well. i should give it a try.

TLT said...

Love the soft draping of the Ya Ya jacket! Gorgeous :) And love the shoes... I'd wear them EVERY day for sure if I had 'em!