Thursday, July 30, 2009

Piano (Wo)Man

Pumps: Chanel
Despite the unfortunate and apocalyptic Noah's Ark-like rain we've been weathering here in the Big Apple (I got soaked twice yesterday), I was fortunate enough to finally meet the magnificent blogger/jewelry designer Wendy Brandes yesterday at her friend Christian Francis Roth's studio. (Click here to read Wendy's account of the night and to see what I wore.) Wendy, her designer friend Christian, and her two other friends Tina (food blogger) and Jen were every bit the funny, warm, and genuine people I imagined them to be! After seeing Wendy in the "piano dress," I knew I had to have one!
Wendy looking stunning as always

Christian (playing around; no, that's not "the finger") and Wendy
Do check out Christian's collection on his website; his clothes are impeccably made and reasonably priced. Thanks to Wendy and Christian for a fun evening!


WendyB said...

Girl, I said you were the queen of belts and sure enough, you belted that thang! Love it! You're the most beautiful and fun headless woman I've ever met. We have to do it again soon!

Kristin said...

Just found you through Wendy and holy moly that dress looks good on you! I have the rugby dress and looooooooove it!

Kat said...

Hey there! So excited to hear you and Wendy met up...what an interesting little black dress!

Will check out Wendy's site now!

miss cavendish said...

Love the piano dress--may have to track one down pour moi . . .

WendyB said...

Hey, wait, you forgot to say that you were surprised by my voice :-P

vitaMinn style said...

Thumbelina! You have an impeccable talent of transforming runway style into street style! =)

(PS - I'm glad you liked my take on the leather skirt + bmaid top, it means a lot coming from you!)

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Thumbelina, the Queen of Belts ;)
and Wendy is so right!

You have such an amazing collection and know
so very well to mix them with your dresses and tops!!

Already took a look at Wendy´s blog to read more about your day at Christian Roth´s studio!

Enjoy your weekend with hopefully lots of sun!!!

-h said...


modediktat said...

OMG - you two ladies are too much fun :) "you're the most beautiful and fun headless woman I've ever met" - I love this kind of humour!!!
If two great minds are coming together it's having something of meeting of the Giants :) Like Nini & Hanh, Lucrecia & Jane, Nini, Hanh, Amee and Judy - always so much fun to watch and to become aware of!
I hope you have spend a great time together (at least no doubt about it!)!
I really like this dress a lot. It remnids me somehow of this alltime classic: ok, ok, just kidding... I like that the "piano" part is giving the dress a bustier style!! The YSL belt is the perfect match!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, with some sunny days hoepfully!
xoxoxo, S.

Marian said...

You look super sleek in that wonderful Christian Roth Number, it is so chic!
Marian xx

jill said...

Hey Thumbelina! I thought for once I'd see what you look like but no, it's Wendy. (as in Peter Pan, I presume).

Thanks for your message - still can't send emails (but can receive, and thank god, can comment on blogs!!). I'll let Joanna know she can contact you. You both seem like lovely women, and the more people she can meet while she's in NY, the better.

For what it;s worth: it's about to pour out here on the Fork, too. It's glorious: tropical and peaceful & blissful birdsong summer.

I LOVE THAT PIANO DRESS!!! I want one, too : )


Mode Junkie said...

i love that you paired it with a belt. i agree, you are the queen of belts. loved your post on your collection. so drool worthy!

click here to visit me at mode junkie!

Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

How fun!!!
yes, you are a queen of belts. you look gorgeous and elegant as always.


Nini's Style said...

Hi Thumbelina,

The piano dress look lovely on you. It have been raining in Dallas like crazy too. Stay dry and hope you and the hubby having a wonderful weekend,

Lynn said...

the piano dress looks great on you!!! and the ysl belt is like the icing on the cake. hope we dont get drenched later :) haha

Tina said...

It was great meeting you and I hope your husband loved the dress on you as much as we did! :)

lovecoutureluxe said...

As always, very chic work wear!!! You look great! ;)

xx Adeliet

Sher said...

Beautiful dress! I came here from the Francis blog ;)

TLT said...

Love that piano key dress!! Gorgeous :)