Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Basic: Leather Pencil Skirt

Blouse: Banana Republic
Peplum Vest: YSL
Cage Belt: YSL
Leather Skirt: Zara
Pumps: YSL (I know I'm getting boring here, but once again they were the best shoes for the outfit--see how the blue sole matches the vest?)
Don't let leather's bad girl reputation scare you: leather can be chic and professional, too. A myriad of leather incarnations appeared on the runway for fall: jackets, bustiers, skirts, vests, pants/leggings, shorts, and of course, accessories (just scroll through the runway shows at YSL, Prada, and Alexander Wang for proof).
I couldn't resist this leather pencil skirt at Zara (score!), which fit me and my wallet perfectly.
Here I am experimenting (I haven't worn this outfit out). What do you think: is it a DO or a DON'T?

Worn with a Lela Rose top and YSL corset belt

It has a good girl/bad girl vibe about it, don't you think? :)


modediktat said...

I love this leather pencil skirt on you!! What a fabulous basic, dear!
The YSL top and the cage belt are TDF! And - leather skirt paired with the Lela Rose top is definitely a YES for me! DOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't- I think the top+skirt combo makes your bottom half look bigger (and while you are so slim, I think the top would go better with jeans!)

Kat said...

Hi Thumbelina! I really like the leather skirt and Lela Rose top and white go well together, too!

Your YSL shoes are so elegant!

Emma Lilly said...

I love LOVE love the skirt. And the first outfit is hot. The second one isn't as flattering. Maybe tuck it in and add a vest. For a naught library mix.

xtinagirl said...

I love the color of your shirt! The belt is awesome. It looks so pretty!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I do like Black/white Lela Rose top combination. Lovely lovely. YSL shoes look so perfect.

-h said...

it's a DO!
that ysl vest is stunning

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Thanks everybody for your honest opinions!!

Anonymous said...

Both looks are great, but I like the black and white look better.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous above - I think the combination makes your bottom half look weighty, and I don't think this combination elongates your frame - I kinda feel this is a tall woman's outfit. Don't know if you are tall in real life or not, but you seem petite and this might make you look shorter or more petite in real life.

rachel said...

the lela rose top is stunning - i can see how you wouldn't want to touch it, but would you ever consider having it taken up? if the bottom hem hit you around 3-4 inches below the belt, then it would be more flattering, in my very humble novice opinion. though it is so lovely, i can see not wanting to take the risk. the skirt fits perfectly - if i were you (and actually i have a similar size 2 on top 4 on bottom pear shape), i would wear tops whose hems end at the top of your hips to show off the sexy line of the skirt. also really like the contrast of textures, but think the length doesn't work

rachel said...

also, love the outfit in top photo - absolutely perfect! i would so wear that anytime

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Good morning, Thumbelina!

Oh yes... you definetely have to GO FOR IT!!
Love these petals on the top and I know how much you love your belts!
Suits you so well!!!!
Hihi... had to smile about the "matching fact" of your YSL tribute´s and top. This color is INDEED enchanting ;) vibrant and a little bit " like the ocean"... I don´t know why ;)

Happy sunny thursday to youuu!
Beautiful Blessings

Anonymous said...

I like longer version of Lela Rose top. Shorten top is going to be plain look. For a perfect dinner date, how about adding a real short cape jacket/shawl on top?

Lynn said...

i love the asymmetric YSL vest! the leather skirt is definitely a staple. just won a vintage ungaro won on ebay :)

little fish said...

I love both looks ! Is the Zara skirt the current season, I really wish to get one ;p

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Little Fish--Yes, the skirt is from the current collection--it's available now in stores.

Everybody--Thank you again for your honest opinions. It means a lot to me. I've decided that the second look isn't flattering and will rethink other tops with it.

Anonymous said...

OMG AWESOME COMBINATIONS!!! Is the leather pencil skirt from the current F/W season? How much is it, if you don't mind me asking? Gotta check that out at my local stores ;)))

Totally love the pair up! You have fantastic taste as usual ;) I can see how much wear you get out of those YSLs and one day, I promise to get them!

xx Adeliet

TLT said...

The brilliant blue YSL vest is BREATHTAKING. Love it paired w/ the leather skirt and the cage belt. I have a leather skirt too but haven't worn it for ages... thanks for reminding me!!

I think the 2nd outfit is a do!! The delicate, girly top paired with the tough, edgy skirt is a great combo!

Nini's Style said...

You look so great here. I love the ways you layering the YSL blue vest with a shirt underneath it. Genius!!
Happy Saturday,

vitaMinn style said...

Hi Thumbelina!

I took your "lesson in fashion" and applied it on my old bridesmaid dress! Thanks for this fabulous idea! =)

Lina said...

The shape of leather pencil skirt is really nice on you look truly beautiful.

Bentlea said...

I'm in love with your skirt!! it just wonderful... It looks great on you!!

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TigerLily said...

It is definitely a DO!! It's a gorgeous pair! Both of the pair are very chic :D

oh I would love to trade links with you if you don't mind.. Please let me know..