Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Prada Velvet Embroidered Heel with Stud and Fringe Detail

Miu Miu Studded Leather Bag

Coach Sabrina Leather Bag

Diane von Furstenberg Belle Medium Bag

Givenchy Napa Aviator Gloves

Jimmy Choo Filipa Wallet in Black Napa


Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

wow, the Prada shoes are intense crazy fun.

Love all those studded bags!!!


Rachel said...

great gloves! women don't wear enough gloves - what a great accessory

miss cavendish said...

I know that the top shoe pays homage to a helmet, but I keep seeing a mohawk, and, tonight, a rooster's coxcomb!

gennie said...

I can't believe even Coach is doing a studded bag now! How funny :)

I hate missing out on great photo opportunities because I forgot my camera - that's the worst!

TLT said...

So into studs!! I really need to learn how to do DIY studding! :) Those aviator gloves are crazy!!! I'm trying to think of a place I could wear them to... hah, who cares!? I'd wear them just for the heck of it!

la flore et la faune said...

the first one looks like a indian chief. hugh !

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

I´m very excited about these Prada shoes but I`m still not sure if I will love them for eternity or just for a season ;)

Wishing you a wonderful sunny week, Thumbelina with LOOOOTS of sun!!!!

Adeliet said...

Love your blog as always! Is the Miu Miu bag for sale? Woopeee, I think I just found the bag I want with studs buttt where can I get it?

Love, Adeliet

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Adeliet--Good question. These are all fall items, so they will probably be available come September. You can pre-order them now with your local SA. And thanks for the compliment!

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

P.S. I forgot to mention that even though those Prada shoes do conjure up a host of interesting associations, I still love them. I'm planning on making them a must-have for fall. There's something epic about them!

modediktat said...

Hey gorgeous,
uh la la..... The Roman Studded Gladitor Heels by Prada..... Too gorgeous for words. Definitely an investment for ages - the color is so vibrant + the design at all - I can already imagine you wearing them, dressed in black with those terrific heels! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...! GORGEOUS!
Hah - my first intention on the MIU MIU bag was: "Miuccia, Sonia Rykiel has called, she wants her design back."
Lol to the Givenchy Gloves - everybody could be Michael Jackson, right....
The Jimmy Choo wallet is a must have!
Congrats on winning Nini's competition btw :)
much love!!

ebayfashionaddict said...

it's all amazing