Thursday, June 25, 2009

Double Boon: Current/Elliott Winner and Givenchy Score

Boon #1: Thanks so much to Nini from Nini's Style and Chickdowntown for these amazing Current/Elliott jeans! I could hardly believe that I won the contest--I rarely win anything. I'll be sure to post about these jeans once I receive them.

Boon #2: I have been lusting after these Givenchy sandals ever since I saw them on the runway and since Hanh posted about them on her fabulous blog. I knew I had to have them when I saw them at Barneys today! (By the way, they still have pairs in a size 37 and 38.5--so call the NYC store if you're still hankering after them too.) To quote Nini, "Welcome to the family!" :)

Stay tuned...I have a giveaway coming up!!


FJ said...

Wow those are wild. I love the front portion, the back is abit much for me. I don't think I'm brave enough to pull those off.

Nini's Style said...

Hi Thumbelina,

Congrats on the Givenchy shoes. They're fabulous. Love the quote ;)

Anonymous said...

Congradulations on the win! I have always wanted to win something! Maybe my luck will come! (?)

Oooohhh: a giveaway?

Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

congrats on winning the Jeans!!!!

congrats on nude Givenchy sandals!!!I love them. I wore them tonight for dinning out.

hugs...from Hanh,

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Good morning Thumbelina!

Congratulations on your "NINI WINNING"!!!
WOOOW, these Givenchy heels are amazing. The nude shades with the gold details are enchanting!!!!


Have a fabulous relaxing weekend!

Beautiful Blessings to you... Martina

WendyB said...

Fabulous shoes!

modediktat said...

YAY to the Givenchy's!! They're magnificent!!!

And again CONGRATS on winning Nini's contest! Can't wait to see your posting about it! :-D

Apart from that.... Spooky, talking about the studded Givenchy gloves on your last posting - and now this.... :(

I hope you're spending a wonderful weekend, honey!
much love, s.

Marian said...

darling congrats on winning the current elliots, they look great. cant wait to see them on you dear. Love your new additions to your shoe family :o),great choice of colour too!
muah x

Kat said...

Wow. The most fabulous 'nude' shoes I've seen so far.

ebayfashionaddict said...

gasp! stunning shoes!

TLT said...

Those shoes are breathtaking!!! I can't wait to see what you pair them with!! Congrats on winning the contest's about time you won something :)