Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Short Stories

Blouse: Banana Republic
Shorts: Zara
Pumps: YSL

Jacket: Tree
Top: H&M
Shorts: Banana Republic
Sandals: YSL

I apologize for the lack of posts recently; I'm fiercely finishing up my grading for the school year, which means copious exam marking and report card commenting. (In truth, grading has got to be my least favorite aspect of teaching. I really envy college professors who have graduate student assistants.)
Back to the post...I've recently rediscovered the joys of shorts (I've lifted the personal ban against them), but there are a few TF-imposed rules I'd like to share:
1. Shorts must never be an excuse for sloppy dressing. Pair them with something dressier, like a nice top or a structured jacket or, better yet, with stunning heels. (If you can't wear heels with them, at least choose nice flats. Avoid flip flops.)
2. Short shorts should be not be slutty. Please--nobody wants to see your butt cheeks hanging out of them or varicose veins, cellulite, or any other unsightly parts reserved for dark rooms or forgiving lovers. Wear a length that is appropriate to the situation and that's flattering to your particular body type.
3. Shorts should not be expensive; this is not the time to splurge. Look to H&M, Zara, Gap, Old Navy, or Banana for budget-friendly versions that are just as chic as the expensive designer ones. Save your dough for a well-made, structured jacket or a pair of classic pumps.


Rachel said...

Great ideas! I gave up shorts a couple years ago (at 25), but now reconsidering :)

Anonymous said...

I love the shorts look, but one thing is that even though you can find inexpensive shorts, where can you find in-expensive pumps or heals? I am in desperate need of good looking (but inexpensive) heels. Please help.

Anonymous said...

I love the shorts and heels look but I have one question. Even though you suggested a bunch of place to by cute and inexpensive shorts, where can I find good (and inepensive) heels or pumps. I am in desperate need! Please help.

WendyB said...

Man, have I seen some nasty short shorts! I've been able to tell if someone's had a Brazilian! You, of course, carry off shorts with elegance as you do everything else.

Tanya said...

Why ban shorts if you can look so fabulous wearing them? I'll be adjusting my "short-style" now.
By the way, have those heel-grips solved the problem of sliding YSL's? I have platform pumps from Aldo (inspired by YSL's no doubt) and they keep sliding too. Any advice?

miss cavendish said...

Grading is my least favorite part too . . .

I love shorts with the right pair of heels!

StyleSpy said...

Hooray or shorts! Great outfits, both. I've also been possessed by them of late, after a years-long boycott. Those little Zara shorts -- I'm in love with those. I saw them on a girl who was in the bathroom line with me at a restaurant in Dallas and she also looked absolutely adorable in them. I'm going to try them on this weekend, but I fear my giant runner thighs will be to much for them.

As for work -- oh, just give 'em all B's. What the heck.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Anon--I'll be writing a post soon to address your question about heels.

Tanya--I haven't walked around in them yet, but I will soon and will get back to you. Someone said that Payless has good grippers, so you may want to try them out.

Style Spy--What thunder thighs? Every time I see you, you look as thin as a rail. Well, at least a good-looking rail.

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Hi Thumbelina.

From your outfit I can imagine that you enjoy the sun. Can you imagine it´s so cold here at the moment in Germany.. although we had so wonderful sunny weather over the weekend ;(!

Thanks for all your advises!
You truly rock in your shorts!

Happy sunny day!

Nini's Style said...

Hi Thumbelina,

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes love. The first look is so flattering on you.

polka dot (Jill Carin Adams) said...

Totally totally agree! I've always loved shorts - in a dressed up, street smart city way (also casually - for wading thru rivers - I recently unearthed my favourite classic gap or j.crew navy and dark green plaid fifties style shorts). This is one trend I'm totally on board about!
And I agree: the shops you've listed are perfect. This is not the time for expensive shorts. So true! : )

polka dot (Jill Carin Adams) said...

p.s. It's also very heartening to see that Zara has caught the imagination of my fellow Americans. We've had them in London for a really long time, and a NY friend said their (one) shop wasn't that impressive.. they're a brand that truly rely on their local customers to dictate to them what you want - and then they tailor their merchandise to that area's specific interests. It's an inspired example of capitalism and free market at work!

polka dot (Jill Carin Adams) said...

Sorry sorry sorry - me again - should have got my thoughts together before I commented. I wanted to say I love both looks. I love those black heels especially, where did you get them?

I don't normally wear heels during the day but if I'm gonna wear shorts, they're gonna need heels!

TLT said...

Yes! I love shorts! And I'm glad you're working them into your amazing outfits :) I especially love the black Zara bubble shorts in your first outfit, paired with the cool BR blouse!