Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What I Wore: Casual Suiting

Jacket: Zara
Gray Cardigan: J. Crew
Belt: Fendi
Jeans: Silence + Noise
Platforms: YSL
For those of you outside the NYC area, I was ecstatic to discover that we actually had a snow day yesterday. We haven't had one in years (somehow, Mother Nature always knows when to strike when it is least conducive to snow days, like on the weekend, a holiday weekend, or during the day). Like a wee child of eight, I felt as if I suddenly won the lottery and attempted to go back to bed (after all, part of the pleasure in a snow day is gluttonous sleeping). The unfortunate part of all of this is the cosmopolitan ugliness that almost immediately follows the beautiful snow: blackish-gray snow, slushy rivulets of grime and ice water, and nearly impassable streets. This morning it was a frigid 12 degrees here in the Big Apple, so my clothing choices were severely restricted.
For this look, I combined a suit jacket with jeans in the same shade as a casual suit look. In school, I often receive puzzled looks from boys, and today, one in particular said, "That's an interesting contraption" when staring at my belt. It's made of lizard skin and semi-precious stones (one is tiger's eye...the other is unknown to me. Any guesses?).

For those of you who sat marveling at my braving the city streets with my YSLs...think again. I wore my ugg-ly Uggs to school and changed when I got there. I have terrible blood circulation and so these industrial-strength boots are absolutely my form of urban survival:

They're the least Ugg-looking Uggs I could find!


Brook and Lyn said...

Snow day? I woke up on Monday with a 9am doctor's appointment with no such luck and then straight to work after. That day was crazy...and now it's still so freezing cold. Never ends.

Are you a teacher or a student?

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

A teacher :) That's too bad--my husband had to go in too.

WendyB said...

Great belt.

Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

good lord your accessories are killer!