Thursday, March 26, 2009

Canopy Verde: An Interview with the Eco-Friendly Bag Designer

Cassia Weekender, $279

Dandelion Duffle, $159

Willow Bowler, $199

About Canopy Verde's bags:
Canopy Verde was born in Fall 2008 with seven styles ranging from clutches to weekenders, all made of organic cotton and bamboo blend fabric, chrome-free leather, OEKO-TEX 100 certified dyes, and chemical free embroidery. “In creating Canopy Verde, I wanted to be very thoughtful about any component that was put into the bag as well as the construction methods, “she explains. “Special attention was paid to everything down to the lining and the dyeing process.”
The Founder Linda Wong, seen above


What makes your bags special?
We put a lot of thought into every detail to make sure that the collection combines style with an authentic eco-friendly philosophy. We use organic cotton for the main fabric, chrome free leather for the trim, recycled plastic for packaging, eco-friendly processes for the dyes, etc. So you can feel good about your purchase and look good at the same time!
What inspires you when you create your bags?
I love clean lines and whimsical touches. I'm a big fan of Danish design--I love chairs made by Arne Jacobsen and Hans Wegner.
How would you describe your customer base?
I think the bags appeal to a wide range of women, particularly those who care about both form and function. The line also appeals to women who like the idea of buying something earth friendly, but don't want to sacrifice style.
Can you tell me about your background?
I grew up in Taiwan and came to the States for college. My parents are in Hong Kong, my oldest brother is in Beijing, and my other brother is in Taipei. Because of my Chinese roots, I chose to source and manufacture my bags in China. It was pretty challenging finding certified suppliers in China, but there is definitely a growing market for eco-friendly fabrics. It was a long process of scouring the market for different suppliers and types of eco-friendly materials.
My background is not in design, but business. I went to Brown, then worked at Bain and Amex before going back to Columbia for my MBA. After that I decided I wanted to be involved in product and the creative side so I explored opportunities at Club Monaco and Fila, where I managed their accessories category for 3 years. (For Canopy Verde I do everything but the actual drawings and specs. I hired an experienced designer to bring my ideas to life.)
When did you launch your business?
I launched the business this fall, right around the time I gave birth! I had it all planned: I would launch the website two weeks before my expected delivery date. But little Will showed up a bit early. So I ended up working on my website during labor. I finally put my laptop away four hours after the contractions started and the pain became too distracting.
Thank you so much, Linda! You can go to her website at


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